Where do I even start?

I would like to know where somebody would even start from if they wanted to make an app like Smash hit, with its 3D into-the-screen scrolling. How would you start to code something so graphically pleasing? I also wanted to know if it would be easier to use an engine to do such things… I just don’t know where to start, and would love any and all input I can get on this topic. Thank you!

Well, there are two things you can do one is either you can hire the mobile application developers and other thing you can do is coding it out yourself but first ask yourself a question “what are the differences between hiring a mobile software development company and an individual mobile developer.

I’d take a look at Unity, or other high class engines.

I would start with looking for such informations, engine comparisions and reviews etc instead of asking here. Your question sounds like “I want to be rich, what should I do?” You have to learn how to code, not just ask