Where can I trade cs go skins?

I’m newbie to cs go skin trading. Which sites are good enough?

I have the same question, I really idk.

Amazing! That’s nice. You can play on different online casinos with these skins. I also have many skins in csgo, and one of my friends told me about an online csgo casino - DuelBits. It is really a good choice if you are looking for an interesting casino for CS: GO skins. Something cool about this casino is that it offers duelbits free money. I personally never thought I would be able to make money from playing csgo online in a casino. This thing is wonderful! I’m so happy I found this casino.

there are tons of various platforms where you can do that.

That’s true. You can actually google counter-strike global offensive skins trade, and you will get an insane amount of trading platforms. You can do that even on steam. However, you have to deal with the trader or buyer himself and be cautious as there are a lot of scammers out there right now. Especially considering that the Major started a week ago, the amount of scammers in skin trading has to be out of this world! That’s why I recommend using a verified platform for that. I’m using skincashier.com. They have excellent terms for both buyers and sellers.

Hello. It is not necessary to sell all the skins you have. You can earn twice as much on them in a year or more. I buy cases, and it happens that very cool and expensive autographs come across. Here I found https://vgosites.gg/reviews/new-cases-from-the-hotpizza-series/ the latest cases from the HOTPIZZA series.