Where can I sell my app?

Hello all,

I have developed and released a game on the Google Playstore and Appstore that is performing well (>50k downloads in the last 7 days)
At the moment I am not sure I want to keep on managing the app on a daily basis or simply sell it.
So I wonder if I could sell the game to another company. Either sell the code only or transfer the entire app from the store.

Which websites would you recommend for this?


Your offer ?

what do you mean?

You can sell your app with flippa.com :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I asked you whats ur offer for this app?

The purpose of this thread is not to ask opinion on my app, but rather opinions on sites where developers can sell their apps.
Have you used flippa.com your self? Do you have any comment / feedback?

I used Flippa For Sell one of My website And Flippa is working for apps too :slight_smile: (i didn’t sell apps on flippa yet :wink: but already sold one website via flippa.com )

50k installs in 7 days is not a lot. You may be able to trick someone who doesn’t know that after the first 30 days, downloads will drop significantly though. I would suggest flipping this app asap.

thx, but the question is not about my app performance, it’s about exchanging feedbacks about websites where devs can sell their apps

flippa is a good place or you can search in google with app broker for more result.

Flippa would be a better choice

Hey guys, thanks for pointing to Flippa. It would be great to have more details about it. Have you used it yourself? Can you tell a little about your eperience with Flippa? That would be great

Hi there, Social media can be a platform to sell and share your view for app.

You can sell your app to sellmysourcecode.com

I’ve been a member of Flippa for a while, its a solid platform to sell websites and now apps.

I would also try fliptopia, its a newer site and has less buyers than flippa but its targeted towards apps only.

Also, contrary to @anon_android opinion, I think 50k downloads in first 7 days is a lot. If its not anything illegal like mp3 download or youtube scraper, you can PM me, I might purchase it off you :wink:

by the way you can sell it here on this forum as well. A lot of people are offering there applications and other kind of stuff and in fact it is going to be a beneficial thing for both you and the seller as you guys can save fee`s and so

Thanks for your answer @toxic, very useful.
I will check both sites.
Unfortunately, the high number of downloads was just a peak, my app got featured and now that the featuring is over, downloads are decreasing a lot…