Where can I see Amazon Store app downloads in developer console?

I’ve put my apps to Amazon App Store and I am curious where I can see the download statistics. All I found was ratings. Is this even tracked by Amazon? Would be surprised if not.

On the main page you see daily, weekly and monthly downloads. In report you can see some charts of it. Keep in mind that these days you might get 0 downloads per day there even with an app that is very visible in the AppStore.

Ah ok, I’ve seen the numbers on main page now (it says “App Sales (Units)”). I am still unable to find any chart though. Where exactly are they?

Also, responding to your observation about low downloads - why is this? Is it a problem with statistics updating or are the downloads there really so bad?

Low downloads are probably related to a huge drop in sales for Kindle Fire and probably Fire TV too.
When you go into “Reporting” there is a chart shown right away - Amazon calls all downloads “sales”.

Thanks Magnesus, found it now.