Where Can I find high paying ASO jobs online?

I have an app and I have ranked it very high in the most difficult keywords ,which gets me 10,000-13,000 downloads a day.
The work has been of months.
Where can I find ASO jobs?
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My skype facebook:ankit.ishu.7
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Here is my website Best ASO

I might need some help. Can you send me a PM with more details about your work and your rates?

You can find me here

I think it is easier to talk on facebook

But you have already reveal your method in your previous post

No ,those methods were to get downloads by online marketing.
After 20 days if you noticed, i stopped spamming.
I then did the ASO which gets me 10,000+ downloads a day.

Please PM me more details

Please send me a pm!

please pm for more details
I have some job for you


So this is the app. All you basically did is keyword spamming for targeted words in a very long app text to avoid getting a violation strike from google. This method is very common, we also use it. It doesn’t work for every kind of app though. For example if it’s a very niche kind of app. It also doesn’t work if your icon and screenshots don’t look good.

Some rules for everyone:

  • Words in your title have the most impact
  • google search algo tracks words not more than 5 times in your app text, so using a keyword you want to target 5 times is the most effective
  • Using words from other popular app titles in your description increases the chance for appearing it their similar lists, it can have a very strong impact
  • Hiding publisher names in your text is also a good one

So let’s assume it is my secret, where is your app ranked then?

Had you contacted me before making assumptions , I would have told you that my methods won’t work if you don’t have a few thousand downloads already. And no I don’t sell downloads.
do me a favor
search for bitsie.playmee.musicplayer
here is one of the methods I use which is a part of a bigger method which involves things to be done at proper time with proper numbers.
I have collected these stats and figures from various case studies available online.

Let’s not try to run and scream our assumptions about various people and their methods even before talking to them.

I don’t need to look at your description text a second time, since I already posted your app in my previous post and read it. I simply noticed it’s very difficult to read because of all this forced keyword spam. “Music Player” has likely the biggest impact now, it’s even used as title, but there are tons of other overused words. Even if you rewrote the text multiple times to rank higher on easier keywords and increased the difficulty of words with any 10.000 downloads you got more, it doesn’t make so much difference to this kind of strategy as a whole. The higher your downloads, the higher your rank on more difficult keywords. I just wanted to share some information with others, because it’s very easy to do yourself, if you simply do it and sometimes rewrite it and not just write one poorly optimized text and keep it till the end of days. Guess some people also might be afraid to get less downloads or even banned by google, if the text looks as spammy as yours, but this is simply wrong. (Nothing against your text, ASO always looks like this.)

What I was trying to say was, description isn’t my techniques to rank higher. My technique is very simple and requires repetition.

If your technique isn’t description and title the last factor for your rank is the amount of backlinks from other websites and social media. You can spam your app link everywhere or ask others to do so and your rank will improve.

backlinks to google web play store page don’t help in ranking as such like websites. i had tested that

No,As I said already I don’t reveal my methods. :slight_smile:
Here is the thing,
my app ranks at #5 for music player.
Soon I will rank it to #1
But before doing that ,I will post a thread here.(not doing it right now because I am getting negative ratings,I need to fix bugs)

They do :slight_smile:
And as I said,it isn’t the only thing I do ,there are a lot of things involved :slight_smile:

Thank you, can’t await it to learn more.

Don’t know then. May be my source of backlinks was bad.

Ever heard of Quora.com ?
They ban the profile after 14-20 reports of spamming.
Try spamming the links there.
I used to advertise my app there.
Without any intention of increasing the rank.
I had about 150-200 links on my answers(in total)
One day,my profile was banned .
The rankings dropped, I realized what I had to do :slight_smile:

LOL serious black hatters out there. I had purchased some backlinks from random websites for $5 which no one visits, they just had good pagerank some how. I doubted it will not work and it didn’t.