Where can i buy SAFE android app reviews these days ???

Is it still possible to buy reviews this days for android apps ?

It seems that google deletes all “fake” reviews…

Is there any service for app reviews which is still safe ? Means reviews will not be deleted by google ?

Does nobody have any answer ?

No possibilty these days ? How do you rank your app in keywords then ?

Right now Google started to make some changes and started to delete paid reviews. I’m checking and making some tests to see now what is the best way to proceed without any risk. I’ll update you for sure as soon as I find out .
Regarding downloads… well that’s another story! Found a great deal for that.

Yes downloads are no problem … there are a lot of good offers which are also safe … no problem for that

problem today are the reviews ! you need them to rank your app higher and it is very important to rank your app in the keywords … but it seems that there is no single service right now where you can buy safe reviews these days …

We are providing reviews but google is filtering them too. Reviews can be deleted after 3 days, 7 days event 1 month. We try our best to fix this, maybe users have to keep app to make review appear

Hi tobiblueeyes,

Where can I buy good bulk downloads for app?