When will I earn?


I released my first app ( game) about 2 months ago. My admob earnings were 4€ the first month and 4.5€ next month.
Are my games really that bad or is my marketing so bad?

Here’s a link to my games: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Nuff+Said
Try out the Impossible Ball Maze. It has 91 download at the moment and in my own opinion it deserves a lot more downloads.

I have accounts for smoothreviews, appreviewdesk and reviewsmotion. At first I got plenty of reviews, but now I get maybe 1-3/day altogether for my games.

Hi dude me again… Your screenshots are not attractive and don’t convey your idea of game and you should improve on graphics side a little…

Send me ur fb id to my inbox we will meet there


What kind of screenshots are more appealing?

Why do some games get so many downloads without great graphics for example. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hardestgame.game

I’m to poor to invest money on marketing. :rolleyes:

Unless you spend money on advertising, it can take 2 to 5 years for the results to come in. I set up my website, so that I could get people to see my apps though one portal. Then I pushed the site. I got a few bumper-stickers, with just the site addy, made and stuck them on my car and a some friend’s cars. I got some business cards with my logo and site addy on them, and I leave them around in suitable public places. I make sure all my emails have the site link on them.

I got fet up of how poorly inde developers are treated when it comes to app reviews, so I set up my own, which has increased they traffic greatly - I’m looking at adding videos of the reviews on it!

Make a site, push push and push it hard.

I heard an interview on my local BBC radio station about how the big boy developer companies advertise and make money, so I set the station a text about independent developers problems, and managed to get an interview, and a few site plugs there too.

Finally, believe in what you produce and do.

There are two categories one with appealing screenshots and great graphics and the other is incredible idea must be very unique and addictive … You were referring to the second category there… Only 10 out 100 people who saw the screenshots download it but it is so good in concept that his friends share the game directly from the guy who downloaded… You can compare it to the films one with celebrities focused film and other story based films :slight_smile: :smiley:

I really should make a website. I learned last year how to do websites with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Now I’m studying PHP and Databases.

I advertise my games at Finnish forums, Instagram and to my friends. I really need a part-time job and at the time it’s really hard to get here in

My passion for developing games keeps on growing. I Like to use my imagination and I really do have good game ideas, but I’m so stressed with money that I
try to make just simple games in a short time.

I’m proud of the games that I have developed and I really am learning to getting better :slight_smile:

When you produce quality game, dont forget marketing!

I’ll better the quality of my games and do a marketing strategy. Social media and posting on forums gave only few downloads but it’s a start.

try App2top as stated in my signature :wink: you won’t regret it!

As poor man i will try with 40 dollars for more 5 star reviews.


Dude, if you can really spend 40$ I would suggest google adwords as better option

really, why? One says try this and another says try that. I’m so confused :confused:

Maybe i should try out which one is best :slight_smile:

I had 0 € income on feb 4-6 and then on 7. 0.01€, 8. 0.04€ and on 9. 0.65€. Was feeling happy when the income was rising. Then on 10. 0€ income :frowning: yesterday 0.02€. I would make a lot more money just by picking up few empty bottles and going to a store. Well, I’m not going to quit yet. I have a new game “Jetpack worm” waiting for publishing. It took me roughly 6 hours to make the game from scratch, not bad and I’m pretty happy with it.

Hi what is your average monthly revenue from one app?

That would be a little bit under 1€/ game. Really am not happy about it, but some day it will get better :slight_smile:

I have not released a mobile game so I have not put into practice the things that I have read. But I will try to give you advice based on what I have read.

The biggest problem is your icon/screenshots/art design/color schemes in general. For example in Jetpack Worm most people suggest not to have text on an icon, the title text color in the playscreen burns my eyes and designers suggest never use comic sans in anything. In cloud frog the play menu screen text also uses comic sans and clashes with the background, even just duplicating the text in black and placing it under for a shadow type effect would make it look a lot better.

Your jetpack worm icon by itself I imagine will lose the most potential players. If they happen to get to your game page then your first screenshot will scare away the rest probably.

Potential players will think “If he is not confident enough to spend time on an icon/screenshot then he probably also did not spend time on gameplay.” If that is your best, which I definitely understand since I am also not good at art, then I suggest you try to learn inkscape and UI color design a bit.

This dribble website lets you search colors then see the color schemes designers use.

This 2D Game Art for Programmers has tutorials on how to use inkscape to make some pretty decent looking game art. Inkscape is pretty powerful so even though I am still bad at art I can make something half decent things pretty quickly.
2D Game Art for Programmers

I did the icon below in 30 minutes mainly tracing the shape of your guy on inkscape and then adding some colors / simple shapes, feel free to use it if you like it. When I first heard of inkscape I thought it would be too time consuming for it to be worth it but one day I decided to give it a serious chance and was surprised how powerful it actually was. The other icon below is an example of a flash game icon I made before learning inkscape to show how much it looks like I improved by using inkscape. Below that is a play menu screen that I did using inkscape. I just copied the the icon guy to the page, traced one of your clouds, smoothed the tracing nodes, deformed them to make different shaped clouds, scaled a cloud, added some impact font text, duplicated it and moved it below for a simple shadow effect.


Thank you for your feedback and spending your time to help me out. I appreciate it. I’ll give inkscape a try and i think your are right.
It’s like food, It could look bad but taste good, but what are the changes to taste it if it’s not candy for your eyes.