When to start a burst campaign?


I was wondering: is it better to have burst campaign with a lot of incentivised downloads right when the game is published or it doesn’t matter how long after i publish my game to start campaign? Will one yield a higher chart position and drive greater organic download volumes?

Thank you!

The 1st 30 days is the best time. This is because google allows your game or app to be on the top new free charts and its lets you climb higher faster. After 30 days its very tough.


I would say when you publish your game/app, start to run a campaign to attract more people and increase the traffic. Then you can keep track on your traffic and your campaign to see some results.
After promoting do not forget to keep up your campaign and repeat your advertisements.

Good Luck!

Hi experts!

Which are the best countries to promote an Android Game?
Mine is in English and Spanish


IMO, UK/Australia - good balance between market size, ecpm, country affluence and ease of getting charted. Most important of all, English speaking.