When one mediation network is not good enough

I use mopub. However, I often wonder if I could get better income if I switched to Mobclix or some other network when all the mopub networks suck.

Would anyone be interested in collaborating on a piece of code that would download some data on startup from a server and then figure out which network to use ? This would also mean that you could change advert ID’s for a network if needed.

Servers costs would run you $15-20 / month typically (each app author would need to pay their own bill). App would run on node.js and could handle several thousand concurrent users starting your app and requesting the data at exactly the same time (unlikely unless you have >10mil downloads on an up).

I could provide:

  • async code
  • json decode of data
  • probably the server side too
  • banner code
  • github repo