When did you see the first results?

How fast after your first app did you noticed that you made some money?

Our 3rd game (after 11 months) was the first one to make some money… still working to create the first game that pays off all the time & costs involved (14 months so far)

How did you stay motivated to work for almost 1 year without any “good money”?

There is a huge Rocky Poster in the room! (for real)

and because if we manage to live from developing games it would be our dream come true

We started about 6 month ago, and we are soon to release our third game.

We have yet to make money, we made like 200$ total. Our first game was a paid apps with a free trial version. We found ou that this model doesn’t work
really good on android.

I hope to soon get something decent! 1 of us is working full time on the projet, and we have to get him some funds to continu! :wink:

We make apps not games, but it took 4 months to make our investment back, now we make 100-150 a month so it is getting there. Starting to learn libgdx and look at live wallpapers so we will see where that takes us!

For me it was very gradual. I was working as a freelancer then and the money from Android games was very low but slowly rising each month. I don’t even think the first 30 days gave me much downloads then. I was happy with the first 100 downloads as I remember. :slight_smile: And I think it took a year until the money was significant enough to make my freelancing less stressful and two years until I could stop freelancing and live from the games revenue (still under lot of stress though, haha). Anyway - that were different times though, Google Play was Android Market then, and much smaller than it is now, it was much easier to make impact then I think.

bumpp, want to know also lol

It took about a year and a half to get my first app successful. I started in late 2008 so success came in mid 2010. Then I got knocked down HARD, restarted the whole thing last summer (3 years later) and made profit again in 3 months, now the last 3 months of 2014 have been putting me into a nice positive :slight_smile:

It takes at least a year to get a brand new product off the ground unless you get super lucky. I never got super lucky, but the increase in downloads/revenue is steady which is what I like more than roller coaster charting out of brand new release.

Around a year.

It takes long for the average app. Around 6 months for me before I started seeing any real money

There are a million excuses I could use for why I left. Finances mainly being one, lack of education, not enough calories or water, laziness.

My new gaming account is up and running for two months now (with two games) and I’m at 1 EUR per day at best. Pretty hard business. :slight_smile:

Not any big result after more than one year. I’m trying a lof of things. It’s a learning process :slight_smile:

@jpeg: What’s your number of apps? What kind of apps do you make mostly? Thanks.

I have about ten apps. They are not amazing. And the problem is that there are useful but not in a daily basis. I’ve learned a lot and I want to change my strategy :slight_smile:
How about you?

Three games now, 2 months on-line, less than 1 EUR earnings per day.

So, did the downloads improve for you over time? I have currently between 10-20 DL/day per app. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve thoroughly researched the keywords, but maybe my games are in too competitive categories (puzzle, casual, board). I was hoping to get at least 100 DL/day per app.

I think gaming is a burtal market, too competitive, if you are starting out, stick to utility apps or widgets…

If it takes you more than 6 months to get an app going, drop the app and move on to the next idea. seriously, just drop it and move on.

I’m getting convinced that keywords alone are not enough anymore to get started with a game on a new account. Buying a couple of thousand downloads to kick start the games could be the way. Getting noticed on the GP charts is still by far the most important marketing tool.