What's your monthly eCPM/RPM & Which network ?

I’ll start

December: 1.84 with AdMob

1.84 what? dollars?

You need to list on on an ad unit basis.

Admob Interstitials: $2.88
Admob banners: $1.10

StartApp Interstitials:$2.62

AirPush SmartWall:$1.52
AirPush Banner:$2.97 (Amazing!)

mobileCore Interstitials:$2.52(had to work this one out myself as mobileCore’s reporting is so inaccurate.)

Already seeing lower eCPM/RPMs for today and yesterday. January sucks! Companies have just finished spending their budgets for the year…

Revmob 1.4 fullscreen ads

mobileCore interstitials for December: $1.67 . With AdMob banners+interstitials it’s around $1. But it could’ve been higher as I have exaggerated a little bit with showing the ads too often.

But yeah, January really SUCKS and the revenue is much lower than expected.

double post.

You’re absolutely right.

Admob Interstitials: 1.81€ ($2.47 dollars)

January Admob Interstitials so far: $1.95

Great numbers with AirPush !. Are you using their latest SDK & is it free from being flagged as a virus/malware by anti-virus apps ?

How you guys can see interstitials eCPM separately from banners for Admob ? Btw mine is 1-1.5$ for banner and interstitial combined.

Edit: Also, I got more 100-150 clicks on my interstitials per day. That’s why may be eCPM is low or I just need to switch to another networks.

Admob interstitial for last four months: about $2.00 Request RPM
Admob banners for last four months: about $1.50 Request RPM

Admob interstitial for December: about $2.16 Request RPM
Admob banners for December: about $1.78 Request RPM

In Admob -> Monetize -> where it says “Everything” select “Select ad units” and choose banner units or interstitial units. If it is new Admob it will show.


weird thing with senddroid - for a mix of banners and exit ads and a total of about 212k impressions - eCPM used to be between 0.75 and $1, then they had a dashboard update about 2 weeks ago and my ecpm dropped to $0.06, resulting in a 0.3 last month average. It was stuck at 0.06 for holidays too (and I see an increase in airpush/startapp/appwiz, only senddroid dropped 10x, and I cannot get a reply from their support by email or this boards’ pm). any similar experiences?

Yeah I’ve had to drop SendDroid. eCPM kept dropping and their support just stopped replying to me.

Numbers for December:

Airpush banner: 1.30$ CPM
Admob banner + interstitial: 1.69$ CPM
MobileCore: 2.76$ CPM

Airpush banners: $1.75 CPM
Admob banners/interstitials: $2.10 CPM
Startapp: $1.20 CPM

Admob banners for December: $1.13

Admob :
banner = 0,35 eCPM
insertial = 3,34 eCPM
banner + insertial = 1,55 eCPM

Do you have any offer for using banner ads ?
I think Airpush banners are generates much better results but why ? Are they in different shape or color ?

I’m only using banner ads.
Admob: $0.58
Airpush: $0.32
Both are suck. How can you get sky high eCPM like that ?. Could you please share your ads setting ? My refresh rate are 30s for Admob and unknown for Airpush.

Awesome CPM with admob, r ur users countries belong to g7 list or wat?