What's wrong with airpush?

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yesterday I noticed something really strange: When I looked at my total revenue for today, it showed 50.xx$. A few minutes later, after hitting the refresh button, my total revenue suddendly dropped to 45.xx$.

Again this morning (i live in Europe), just a few seconds before airpush console shows the statistics for the new day, my total revenue was 52.xx$, and as soon as the statistics for today were available, I looked up the revenue for “yesterday”, and it dropped to 50.xx$ again!

That was a chargeback (or something else?) of around 7$ on a single day, and I didn’t even check my revenue all day long! I wonder if someone else has noticed this? Is it normal? Is it a bug? Is it chargebacks from advertisers or airpush?


It is “normal” with airbull…

This has been highlighted back in April, check this out:


Does anyone know something about the revenue problems with Airpush on Tuesday, Nov/20/2012?
I had only 1/3 of the normal revenue. 2/3 less money is not only 5$ for me :frowning:

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Me too, I had only a half of my regular revenue, I thought it was just a problem with the stats updates as they stated in the notification

Me too,and till now they didn’t fix this problem!!!

Not just push ads… applovin is giving me ecpm of 0.01$

Yes there is in some days a stats and earnings problem and there is a stats delay but Airpush still the best Android ads network compared to other networks

I have strange problem…

look at the attached picture…

looks like advertisers dont like AirPush so much?


This also happens with Leadbolt. Their Appwall sucks so much that they have to repeat the same application several times in order to fill it. I wrote a post a while ago called “Is Leadbolt running out of advertisers ?”

im using both airpush and leadbolt. my revenue has dropped for both networks. this is a bad month

Yes, this is the worst month since August, which was the best month for me.

I’m glad I’m not the only one! Airpush has been horrible for me lately…even with and increasing number of installs my revenue has really stopped growing. I remember the good ol’ days of making $50 more each day than the previous days…and killing it on the weekends! I wish I had someone to compare my revenue/cpm to…anyone willing to share their numbers (not their apps, just cpm, installs, etc). PM me, i’ll be glad to share also!

I only have a couple of months as publisher, but I suppose it might be either a seasonal thing… or the exponential number of developers registered within the last few month is affecting the CPM

Is december a historically bad month for ecpm?
Is the number of developer/apps adopting notification ads possibly a reason?
I started about a year ago with airpush and, considering that app key is a sequential number, the amount of apps with airpush is about 90.000. It was about 30.000 a year ago.

I think that is part of the reason. There is a lot of clone apps nowadays, you know, those “France Flag”, “Finland Flag”, “UK Flag”, … type of apps. Google needs to do a serious cleanup.