What's the good ad network in South America? Especially Mexico

My app is popular in Mexico, I’d like to ask what’s the good ad network in this area? I just use Admob in this app and it doesn’t perform well.

Be more specific when you say admob underperforms, what is your ecpm, Mexico is a very low paying country.

Hi there,

We have very good performance in South America but we work differently than Admob; we monetize the lockscreen.

We are also offering an Easter special so if you’d like to try us out, signup here.

Happy Easter!


Admob Request RPM: $0.03, Impression RPM(eCPM): $0.27

The ad is interstitial, so I think I may not earn good money in Mexico?

You can see how much you gain with a click from Mexico in your Adsense account clicking in the map view, it’s under CPC (cost per click).

I have Admob and a CPC of $0.04 from Mexico… it really isn’t very good.

Mexico is very poor paying country, don’t expect much, for example my mexico ecpm this month for appnext is .37 and my average ecpm for all countries with them is 1.62

Hi Treble12,

Mexico is actually a strong performing country for us at Airpush. We have several dedicated ad sales managers for the region, and have an average developer CPM of $1.75+. With our Bundle 1 SDK, you can fully monetize each user with the pay per install (up to $0.04 per new USA user and adjusted amount world wide) and CPMs on the display ads.

PM me if you want to chat further.

Airpush Nick

Please provide data that supports this Nick

Hi Nick,

I have several questions on airpush, please help to clarify:

  1. How big is airpush Bundle 1 SDK? I do not like sdk with large size…
  2. I noticed someone on this forum said that airpush sdk has some kind of adware thing, what is it?
  3. I also noticed that some thread says airpush did not pay developers because of some policy change in airpush, that frighten me on working with airpush.


Hi Dani,

The data is available on our intranet backend, and of course I cannot share screenshots of that on here, but the CPMs for Mexico I mentioned are correct when using our Bundle 1 SDK.
Our Standard SDK is 252KB; Bundle 1 is 278 KB.
Apps from other developers on the markets “Antivirus / anti malware”, etc have had a history of flagging other apps that have our and other ad networks SDK in them, claiming they contain virus, malware, etc. They do this so you will use their app, or make in app purchases from them. We have beta versions of our SDK available that has resolved the flagging issue. Shoot me a PM and I can give these to you. We have a version available for our Bundle 1 (which includes the PPD ad type), or our Standard SDK.
For the threads you mentioned, other developers did not follow our guides correctly and did not implement all ad units correctly, or were flat out fraudulent, and venting on their frustration of being caught. If you work with me, I can personally check with my team on your apps integration to ensure that everything is correct.

Airpush Nick