What's the best network to monetize native traffic?

Hi guys! I’m kinda new to this and am looking for the best network to monetise my in-app native and interstitial traffic. Which ones have the best payouts atm? And which ones you wouldn’t recommend? Any advise would be hugely appreciated. Thanks

FAN and admob are always best

Hello. Our ad network have a straight focus on native ads monetization. Take a look please - Hyper


I sign up but not show the dashboard or add mobile app. Maybe there are some errors in your webssite/

Please tell me why?

Thanks for your question! First of all we are mobile ad network with a straight focus on native ads and we are monetizing all your inventory on direct advertisers. We are not a mediation platform and we don’t take extra commissions for mediation services.
Right now we are offering 100% fill rate guarantee for specific geo and we can buy all your inventory on fix cpm basis.
Our key features for Android developers:

  • Easy Light weight SDK or API integrations
  • Beatifull native ads units
  • Mopub and Admob adapters
  • Stable payments on Net30 basis. After first month traffic check we can update your account with fast payments basis (Net7 or even Weekly)

Also you can earn extra money on our refferal programm - up to 5% from publishers profit.

do not use all these new, unknown brands. We’ve seen a lot of developers trusing new networks and later on going down in flames.

For native ads try Appnext, Avocarrot or Mobile core. I prefer Appnext, but all of them are trustworthy.