What's the best Mediation network to use?

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I have been using Admob for all of my mobile ads but I’m not happy with it. I’ve been looking into Mediation networks and apart from MoPub are there any others that you guys could recommend?

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check out:

  • HeyZap
  • MoPub
  • Mobfox
  • Aerserv
  • HyperMX
  • Fyber

Hello, i’m sorry, but can i please ask a question? What’s a mediation network? I know that meditation may mean ability to use several networks at the same time, but I think this is done by just adding sdks, so why do we need mediation networks such a aerserve? whats their benefit?

I would also love to know this. I know a few mediation networks but I’d really like to here people’s experiences. So if anyone could share there experience with a mediation service I would be forever grateful!

Awesome - thanks :slight_smile: Would you recommend anyone in particular?

admob mediation works fine.

Hey guys,

Just to let you know that at Airpush we recently released a plugin for our SDK to work with Mopub mediation. You can have access to our new 360 banners and smart wall, along with any other network you wish to use.

You can check out our integration guide for it here: Standard SDK MoPub - manage.airpush.com/docs

PM me with any additional questions.

Airpush Nick

Awesome - thanks Would you recommend anyone in particular?

I’ve had success with AerServ and MoPub. AerServ is great for ad mediation with interstitials and video ads - they have a great looking UI, and nice features to control the priority of ad sources. MoPub is a great product, and the Marketplace has some nice demand. I wish they would update the number of ad networks supported though and had better tools for video.

admob mediation works fine.

They are “fine” but that’s about it. They offer a limited number of ad networks, they are all SDK based (no server to server), and their platform lacks a lot of features. Admob is typically not used by publishers with serious volume.

What’s a mediation network? I know that meditation may mean ability to use several networks at the same time, but I think this is done by just adding sdks, so why do we need mediation networks such a aerserve? whats their benefit?

I think that term was used incorrect. There are ad mediation platforms, or technology. Ad mediation allows you to control the allocation of your inventory to multiple ad networks (or other buyers), managing priorities, impression allocation, and targeting. Then you have reporting for all of it within one UI instead of having to check all of the ad networks and pull it into Excel.

You could add multiple ad networks by adding their SDKs, but that is a very simple implementation. There are a few negatives to that:

  • How are you going to control who gets called first? If ad network ABC is paying you the most, you’ll want to hit them first and then move to the next ad network. If you write some custom code in your app, how are you going to change the priorities if ad network ABC starts to suck? Re-release your app? That’s not efficient. Ad mediation handles that for you through a UI.
  • What if you wanted to add new ad networks? Or take one out? You have to rebuild and re-release your app. A good mediation platform will have a combination of server to server (API) connections to ad sources as well as SDK based.
  • If you’re just adding SDKs in, how are you going to report on each network, and verify the numbers? Mediation platforms give you centralized reporting, and allow you to verify ad networks are reporting real numbers.
  • Mediation gives you tools for ad targeting. For example, targeting an ad network to the US, Brazil, UK, etc., while giving another network traffic from another region.

I’ve used mediation quite a bit :slight_smile:

Hello Guys we have a new one that I found that seems to solve all those issues. They are taking on beta testers now. Adlib Mediation - The Last Advertising SDK You’ll Use

Just to tell you that developer may add any ad networks not supported in the AdMob user interface via custom event 設定  |  Android  |  Google for Developers

Just to tell you that developer may add any ad networks not supported in the AdMob user interface via custom event https://developers.google.com/mobile.../custom-events

Very true. Same with Mopub.

But not everyone has the skills or resources to build those out and maintain them.

Try Appodeal (Appodeal | Home).

It has just been released.
It has 0% commission.
You can request a payment on the very first day — no need to wait for a month or two.

Setup is very easy in comparison to other networks. No need to set up multiple accounts anywhere.
No need to manually optimize ad publishing.

Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions.


We also provide Mediation in our new SDK, which will select the best ads from Admob,Mobfox,Startapp,etc for the highest eCPM and best fill fate via Mobcloud.

Mobcloud means smaller SDK for easy integration and automatic updates,developers don’t need integrate extra Jar package to the SDK

If you want to know more details,please PM me;)

Your explanation is very useful and the mediation network sounds awesome. I’m going to check it.:wink:

Hello @luluka,

If you have any questions about AerServ mediation please feel free to contact me via email or skype. I’d be more than happy to give you a demo to highlight the benefits, features and differentiators we offer compared to Admob and MoPub. [email protected] | Philiptse85

Asag’s description of mediation is pretty dead on. Its an extremely powerful tool not only for monetization aspects but for reporting. There is now downside!


Is there any mediation service that you can buy it and host on own server except old madserve what is not updating any more?

@AerServ @pavel_golubev
Your service have some listeners to detect no ad for user?

I am thinking about to implement 3x mediation services: mopub, aerserv and appodeal, and enable/disable it remotly if any problems. Have you possibility to disable enabled sdk?
Also question for @AerServ - cash is from our ad network account or yours?

Hi @ramzixp,

Yes we have listeners in place to detect if there is an ad or not. With our mediation platform you can continue to use your existing networks to monetize and try out new networks easily as we offer a S2S solution vs. required 3rd party SDKs that Admob requires. Additionally we have plugins for both MoPub and Admob should you want to continue to monetize with them while utilizing our mediation platfrom. Easily pause or activate networks with a single click in our dashboard.

As for payment, impressions which are filled by your mediated networks, they will pay you directly. The same goes for AerServ.
Let me know if you have any questions or need help getting setup.


I would go with heyzap or appodeal that do not charge for mediation

Wow! Mediation on top of other mediation networks… you’re a real pro man! :cool:

Hi SadiaC,

What kind of mediation platform are you looking for? Supersonic has a great video ad mediation platform, if you are interested in serving mobile video ads in your app. ECPMs are really high for this ad unit and users absolutely love it. Our video ad mediation platform serves video ads from over nine leading ad networks (including admob, chartboost, adcolony) and always serves the highest paying ad first. And it’s really easy to use, simply integrate the Supersonic SDK and you will have access to all our monetization products (interstitials, offerwall and video ads) as well as the mediation platform.

If you’d like to receive 50$ just to try us out- message me!
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Good luck!!