What's the Best Ad Network for Asian And U.S Traffic

Attached is an image from google analytics for one of my apps showing the top ten countries it’s used in as well as the average session times.
As my app is used mostly for less than 30 seconds, i have to probably use the fastest refresh rate.
Which ad network is best suited for this kind of traffic in terms of fill rate, eCMp etc. Thanks

Hi Tapaulo,

You have your usual suspects, all have great ad offers in the US and Asia. You need to consider which network has enough ad invnetory in those countries, and which one has the tools you need to make maximum revenue from an app with low usage suchas yours.

I think appnext can create great revenues for your app, using an interstitial, mainly during app launch. that might work the best for you. Having said that, other networks offer very good interstitials as well, so you have quite a few choises.

Hey Tapaulo,

Jonathan is most definitely right, there is a wide variety of great ad-networks out there, and it’s a matter of finding the best fit for you.

I would offer you’ll give AppGrade a try.
Our Interstitial AppWalls are all preloaded, leading to no loading time and therefore to better conversion rates, and while it is highly important and delivers significantly increased performance for any app, I believe in your case, with less than 30 sec time usage, it can be crucial.

Examining your geos, we have some great high-earning campaigns targeting them, so taking everything into consideration, we should deliver an attractive eCPM for you.

You can open an AppGrade account here - AppGrade.com

Would be happy to discuss this in further detail at -
Skype: tamar.appgrade
Mail: [email protected]

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