Whats is going on with Airpush? please chime in - My first Post here :)

Hello everyone,
I have been visiting this forum for a long time and today decided to join and share / ask a few questions to others who use Airpush for adds.
Recently ( starting in October of 2013 ) i started to finally make good money with airpush ( about 300k impressions a day with average cpm of $1.40) I know most of you might be making more than this but this amount was good for me.
So recently, starting mostly Jan of 2014 my Cpm started to drop rapidly and i am now a little concerned and wanted to see what are the rest of you getting from airpush.
currently my Cpm is at an average of .58 cents and dropping daily. I am still doing a good amount of impressions ( not as much as last year but close ) but the pay is getting lower and lower since the cpm is dropping faster than i can get more users / impressions.

Also Airpush about a month ago removed the add requests tab ( which i guess was showing how many adds an app requested ) which allowed us to gage what the fill rate is/was . for a few weeks airpush showed a message saying they are having issues with the reporting and will fix this soon but i think they were just dragging us along to fully remove it / get rid of it. I think they did this so we can no longer see the actual fill rate of adds and will have to take their word on it.

I hope someone from airpush can comment here with some honest responses to some of the questions I and the rest of you might have.

  1. When should I / We see an increase again in our CPM’S ?
  2. Will airpush bring back add request reporting so we can see how our apps are actually doing vs how much airpush is able to fill with adds.

I also wanted to let you guys know that i have read many topics on this forum regarding dropped cpms in the beginning of the year due to low Advertising budgets and this thread is not more about complaining but more about understanding where the rest of you guys stand with airpush. I guess all these is so i can figure out if they really are a solid company ( a company to grow with ) or some part time place that might just flip any second.

Feel free to give your thoughts and if willing share your results with airpush from say last few months of 2013 and currently.

Thank you all

AirPush are a good alternative to Admob and that’s about it for me.

They lie a lot and their SDKs have had a lot of bugs in, but they deliver in the long run.

Most network’s CPMs are down right now due to it being Q1 for advertiser spend etc etc. It all picks back up soon.
AirPush have phased out their ad request column out because they know their fill-rates are appalling. Their CPM does make up for it most of the time, but its still wasted requests. I’d be surprised if they brought it back.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Am i doing the wrong thing by only using airpush? Should i be integrating a few ad networks into 1 app? Im kinda new to this stuff so whatever advice you guys give i will take. I read so much about all the different ad networks and it seems like there is no one good one, they all seem to have their faults. So i guess my main question is what is the most used ad network for android development?
Thank you again

I am in airpush for one year and I always made a good money with the week payment. Since December is not good.
This year I decide to try senddroid but my ecpm there is terrible worst than airpush 0,07 to 0,11.
Mobilecore no comments really bad for me with 0 ecpm.

ya it started to get bad for me starting december also. I am using their bundle SDK which is supposed to pay you per install and today i noticed that they are shaving the stats pretty badly on it. for example i have an app that per airpush showed that it got 860 installs yesterday and in the market it was ranking 34th in its category, today the app moved up to 24th spot and instead of my downloads showing more on airpush ( which only makes sense right ? ) it is actually showing only 160 downloads ??? they must think that we dont know how to check our dashboard or something. I honestly would not mind it if they showed the correct installs for the app but say much much lower payout to compensate for the fact that they dont have the budget or customers to pay with. What does upset me is that they just bluntly lower the stats on something that i we / developers can check on in a heart beat and figure out that we are being misled. Anyway i guess unfortunately this is the way this industry is currently set up. I hope a semi honest company can come along soon ( or maybe i will open one :slight_smile:

Hi darknes01,
same situation here… I was with airpush for the last 3 months and I did really a good revenue with them. For all this time I was using only the banner with no interstitial or other type of advertising and my eCPM never dropped below 1.4 -1.5 $ (normally it was 1.6 -1.7) and at the second half of December it was nearly 3$!!. With my 15000 daily impressions at december I was makeing 40-45 $ daily … until January when the ecmp dropped the first days again to 1,6 -1,7 $ and all was normal till there. What is not normal and seems really strange is that after they published the new SDK the ecpm droped tremendously, in my case from 1,6 to 0,53 !!! That’s ridiculous … and I’m pretty sure that they are making all this game in order to push developers to the new SDK. The problem is that the new SDK, even if it wasn’t buggy , need the presence of 100 permission and it seems more a spy program than a simple advertising tool…bahh I think I’ll never use it.I waited these weeks with the big hope that they were going to understand that this is not the way to do things (I mean you can’t force people by lowering the ecpm to use the new sdk ) … till today… 2 hours ago I deleted airpush from my most profitable app and implemented some other banner… I’ll start to try now different companies till I find one with at least 1$ ecpm…if you find one just say it.

ya i 100% understand you on that. If you find another company that does pay ok ( not even looking for good ) then please do share. Im starting to realize how shady this industry is.

Airpush only pays per new user, so if someone already downloaded an app with airpush only the first person will get the credit.

Ok, so just yesterday I posted this: http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/4444-new-airpush-bundled-sdk-program-5.html#post38035 talking good about Airpush. But today I got something weird:
I always check my “progress” like 3 or 4 times a day to see how ads are doing that particular day. And as always, at around 1 p.m I have made around 6-8 dollars which is the normal (yeah I dont make much). But then when I checked again some hours later. My total revenue instead of being around 12-14 or at least the 6-8 I already made, was 2.68 dollars… in the same day, so my earnings just dissapeared. And the CPM “magically” adjusted to a really crappy and ridiculous one. Important to Note, Impressions are exactly the same as always. I just sent an email to support, because this is clearly a bug. I’m awaiting for the reply.
At least thats what I want to hear, because with all these scammy companies I read a lot, it would be very dissapointing to have Airpush on it too.

This is my second year with Airpush and I’m sorry to tell you that it has always been this way with them

Well, I sent them an email and now in my dashboard appears a message about they detected an issue and its getting investigated.

Hi everyone,

Nick from Airpush here, I’m part of the publisher solutions team helping Phil out with the forum.
@darknes01 is you can PM me your email address I can check your account to look at your CPMs.
We have been working on enhancements to our portal and optimizing it to provide 100% accurate stats for our developers.

Please PM ME with any specific issues or concerns you may have.


Airpush Nick

Does anybody know how to register an app with their latest dashboard? I’m not seeing an “add app” button or the app ID anywhere

Airpush Support, Feb 04 15:53:
Hello Jason,

Thank you for contacting Airpush.

We have identified an issue with stats for Feb 02, 2014, for drops in earning. While we are
investigating this issue, we would request you to please bear with us.

Should you need any further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

Airpush Support

Airpush Team

There’s a big blue “+ Add application” button just above your apps.

Hi Nick,
Thanks for replying to this post.
I have one quick question, I know Airpush said they are aware of the Feb 2nd issue but my question is has it Been resolved? Or are you guys still looking into it? I’m asking because as of today my account is still not showing the correct amount for the 2nd. I don’t mind waiting as long as you guys are still looking into it.
Please let us know when you get a chance.

I think their site is broken because the dashboard button isn’t responding and now I cant even login. Its like this every time I decide to give airpush another chance… I’m just gonna use a different network

To be fair, when I first started using Airpush I had to contact support because of some buttons not working (first the download sdk, then the send the W8 form). Both times they responded and fixed it.

use firefox or chrome airpush website never works on internet explorer

yes, change your browser and problem solved