What's going to happen now with mobileCore

Dear dev’s,

Following the new Google-play content policy, we are unable to continue with the icon-ads.
The good news is that this is less then 9% of the total revenue generated.

We’ve been expecting this for a while now and we must say it hasn’t come as a surprise.

For those of you who don’t know, mobileCore is part of the world’s largest software distribution platform, ironSource, managing over 6 Million app installs/day, and one of Google’s biggest media buyers.
We know installs, that’s basically what we do best, and for that reason we are much more focused on promoting apps through our interstitial app-walls.
We know it has a higher value for the users and a much better ROI for the advertisers.

So what’s next?
Our mission now is no different than what it was 6 months ago - Optimize our app-offers for best possible results.
Our primary release this month is the SDK v0.9, which includes some extraordinary improvements. Beta testers already report a dramatic increase in eCPM and we expect the higher eCPM to overcome the lack of icon-ads, and even cross the current stats.

We’re also about to release some fresh new app-walls with blasting UI design! (I’ve attached some screenshots, just as appetizers… :))

To sum things up,
mobileCore is currently one of the fastest growing ad-networks, with 2000 registered developers (first one joined on March), constantly improving and reinventing.

Big things are ahead of us this month, stay tuned.


Developer relations, mobileCore

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Hi @mobileCore,

Few things:

  1. I’ve seen that you perform well for Asia where other netorks doesn’t have so much great ecpm, but what with tier 1 countires? (ecpm, fill rates)
  2. Do you plan to support other ad types like banners / audio / whatever ?
  3. When are you going to release new SDK ? ( I don’t want current SDK that contains icon ads code cos it may be soon considered as virus/adware, I’d like alos to have nice-looking interstitials :wink: )
  4. What will happen when beta stage will be ended? ( will account or SDK be invalidated ? )

Hi there :slight_smile:

  1. Here are some eCPM stats of the past 30 days:
    USA - $3.95
    UK - $7.02 (we’re currently running some very high paying campaigns there)
    Germany - $3.89
    Italy - $2.01
    Korea - $6.98
    Russia - $1.95

  2. We’ve created an innovative slider side bar that increased significantly users’ engagement. here’s a screenshot:

Other than that our objective is clear now - optimize our current assets and continue to the next blasting ad-unit

  1. The new SDK is currently being tested with few of our very big developers (to get as much data and feedback in the shortest time), and will be released as I said, in the upcoming month, after all necessary fixes will be made. (btw, thanks for the compliment on the interstitials :))

  2. Haha no! The beta SDK is only for our testers. Once the new SDK will be released it will no longer be beta

Hope I answered you questions…


Great. You answered my questions. Thank you. I like your ad-network.
Slider is great bonus but I don’t like that I cannot decide how it lays in app. For example I have button in the left-center position of screen and I cannot align it below/above or give proper offset to be sure that sliders handler will not cover my UI. (Or I’m missing something)
Anyway your interstitials are good (I’ve seen only better ECPMs for tapcontext but I’m worried that it’s only because of their current aggressive campaign and they will have soon standard ECPMs + loooong splitted payments).

Lior, how about Latin American countries like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, chile? What kind of eCPM can i expect?

i should admit that mobilecore is the best interstitial app-wall that i have ever seen. unlike airpush, it loads fast, very smooth and the UI is fantastic.

however the biggest problem that i have is the revenue fluctuation. one day i get $20, next day $10

How many impressions are you giving them daily for those 10-20?

@mobileCore, what about ecpm for other asian countries specially India?

for me one day its 10$ another day its more than 100$
i dont care about that, what i care about is that at the end of the week i have a higher revenue from them than i get from others

same here. i also worried about the fluctuation. but then i realised that the mean value is better than other ad networks. so i stopped bothering them.

any way your screenshot isn’t working


It’s important to remember that eCPM varies from month to month according to campaigns that open/closes in specific countries.
Anyway, last month we made an eCPM of $0.61 in Brazil and $1.39 in Mexico.

Hope it gives you proportions of our abilities there :slight_smile:

Thats very good mobileCore. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

If you have users from Korea, you’re about to be very happy. In the recent month we made an eCPM of $6.98 eCPM there (this is way above the average rate there, we just ran into good campaigns and very high quality traffic from our publishers there),

The eCPM in India is very fluctuation, and the reason is that in general eCPM there is relatively low, but every once in a while comes an advertiser that boost it up (it can be above $1.50 for 3 days and then drop to $0.50)

Can you use mobileCore interstitials with admob mediation? And is there a wrapper or do you have to make a custom mediation?

Yes we have, please contact me at [email protected] so I can send it to you.


What about mopub? could we use mobilecore with mopub mediation?

When mobilcore will offer a totally in-app SDK?

It was mentioned on first page of this topic :wink:

  1. The new SDK is currently being tested with few of our very big developers (to get as much data and feedback in the shortest time), and will be released as I said, in the upcoming month, after all necessary fixes will be made. (btw, thanks for the compliment on the interstitials )

Thanks Ufok !
We’re planning to release the SDK that will be fully compliant with the new Google policy already tomorrow.
I will let you know once it’s live

We’re finishing our work on the Burstly mediation, and then we’ll start with the mopub