What's better? Press Release or a Review?

I saw some sites has the option for us to either submit Press Release or request an app/game review.

What’s more interesting for us as developers?

Just my opinion neither and I will explain why. Unless the review site has 10,000 + of visitors you won’t get enough exposure for the prices this sites charge. If it’s cheap like $5-$10 bucks I would say go for it but more than that I wouldn’t unless they have verified traffic. Press releases can be effective if you know how to write well but again are the sites that are delivering such press releases high traffic websites that’s what you have to measure.
Since most people search on the AppStore itself I would put money together and get installs. Before you do that you have to research how many installs you need to reach top new free in your category and how much your willing to spend. Yeah I know that’s a lot of researching to do but it’s so worth it down the line. Good Luck!!

Thank you for sharing;

PR is pretty pointless unless you are well known. App reviewers have that many devs contacting them now and willing to throw money at them to review their apps that they don’t even bother reading PR’s any more.Better off paying someone to go around all of the mobile gaming /apps forums and post links to your apps / mention on Twitter / Facebook etc…