What's about Airpush?

Hi, I know that all depends on my specific app, but what about Airpush?
Is a good ad network? Are ad good? Are earning good?
Does they pay for impression or for click?

just read last threads about AP… Now they sucks

Hi Crazyr91,

We have been in this space since 2010 and are one of the original pioneers for mobile ad units with 1000’s of happy pubs working with us.
We pay based on impressions, with solid fill rate and CPM world wide.

PM me to chat further.


Airpush Nick

So you still suggest Avocarrot?
With 500 impressions per day I earn about 0.40$… adMob was much better!

Solid CPMs and great support through Nick. Cool ad units too that you can use in conjunction with other interstitial and banner solutions to make more.
Dont listen to mmmkkksss. All he cares about is pushing devs to the affiliate signup link in his signature.

Pff just compare our posts and forum registration time…
All i care is to help friends.
There will be plenty of fake forum users created by airpush…

Check my earlier posts to see screenshots with eCPM from AP and avocarrot. I just tried both networks and i posted my results

Airpush refused to pay many devs their April earnings. Check threads before commiting yourself.

Do you suggest any network in particular?

Hi Fanta,

All publishers who had correct integrations were paid correctly. Those with payment concerns were given valid reasons to differences in payment amounts, including not having all ad units correctly implemented, or having outdated SDK versions. Ample notice was given to all publishers to ensure using the latest versions, and our Bundle documentation clearly states that all ad units must be utilized in all apps in order to be qualified for payments.


So where is the money that you refused to pay us going? Not back to the advertisers am sure. You say you gave developers ample time to update to the latest sdk, but the deadline for doing so was 1st July. Why withhold April earnings? Anyway we are developers and we develop. We move on and life goes on. Plenty more fish in the sea.

Going to shoot you a PM to chat further.


I have been using for a month airpush for now I can say it much better than paying admob. in one of my apps in admob I have a CPM of $ 0.30 while with airpush greater than $ 2 cpm.
Now I’m just waiting to get the payment date to confirm if it is a good network