What's a healthy play store page conversion rate?

Here’s what I’m running:

Play store (organic) is 20%, does that seem low? My app size is fairly large (90mb) so it might be actionable to bring that down. What do you think?

Edit: here’s the store page if you’d like to compare ASO https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alexgierczyk.starific

For 91mb game, imho, conversion rate seems good. But if you can, try to bring down the size.

20% is not bad, but your app certainly can get more than that.
Your video and screenshots are nice, what may be hurting your conversion rates is the size, like you said.
I assume the big “villain” in that matter is your soundtrack (I loved it), maybe you can reduce it a little bit.

For most games, I think 30% is the average conversion rate.

Thanks guys. Perspective from other devs helps a lot.

Yeah you’re spot on. My idea is to stream the music. So maybe include a couple backup songs and the rest is streamed. I’m working on it now. This also has the advantage that I can make the soundtrack way bigger (and trust me I wanted to)!

Where do you guys see play store page conversion rate ?

My conversion rate is only 13%. Can you guys tell me what’s wrong with my listing?

22% for WordHero.

My apps vary between 30 and 46

Interesting, any chance you can link your page for us to compare?

I’ve added mine to the OP if anyone else is interested. I do think the file size holds it back, and I’m working on that.

The highest conversion I get is 65% for an app (over 10k downloads). Mostly because it was lack of competitions. IMO, game is hard to get high conversion.

mine is 23% ( not a game)

mine is 25-40% tool app

In the developer console, click on the app you want to check. Then go to User Acquisition > Performance.

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Thank you.

mine is between 30-45%
so i guess that’s healthy enough

Size of app always could be low only

Hey guys,
I want to ask, Store Listing Visitors means user go to my app or just see my icon?
I’m sorry, I’m a newbie in this! :’(

30% seems to be a good conversion rate.