What's a great place to steal source code?

Not exactly ‘steal’… you know what I mean :cool:

I know stack overflow is an excellent site, but I’m looking for something like free open source app templates.
A source code where all the boring stuff has already been taken care of.

I know code.google.com and codeproject.com , are there any more sites like this?
Remember, I’m looking for ready to use source codes :slight_smile:


[All-in-one] List of all Open-Source Android Apps - xda-developers

just go to github.com and search for “<appname> android”.

Don’t waste your time, there are literally hundreds of copies of all those apps so u won’t even show up in the search results. Maybe if u asked this question like 2 years ago but it’s not gonna work now, most devs don’t even make their code open source anymore (not even google) and the ones who did regret it more than anything for this exact reason.

I laugh at open source. HAHAHA. None of my code will ever be open source!

Same here!
I just don’t want to miss an opportunity to exploit a naive fool XD