What you guys think of releasing unfinished games?

Ive been having a think over the last few days about my next game and I know it’s going to take a long time to complete. Mainly as I am adding many multiple outcomes to in game scenarios. So I was thinking about releasing a prototype into the market when I get to a certain stage (with everything complete up to that stage) to see how the market reacts to it. What do you think of the concept of releasing a Prototype?
Plus I think I’m going to try and do some crowd funding for this one so it would help if I could show that the game receives downloads and is liked

I don’t think “early access” will work as well as it does on Steam

I think if the game is solid and partial, but delivers only part of the features/levels you want to put into it, then all good… Let it out. Youtube the lean-start-up. It gives excellent reasons why you should be posting the app as soon as you can. I think the arguments hold water and I’d say watch it and decide for yourself.

its a bullshit to release unfinished

I agree with baash05 that it should generally be ok - I feel personally it’s important that the game is fully functional for the most part, but if you are adding levels/stages/outcomes/more to the game at a later point, I feel that should be fine. I had installed a game that was cut off at a certain stage until the app was updated - I enjoyed the game, so I personally waited for the update and reinstalled it when it was ready.

I Think If you have legible plan for your releases for you, at least) - you can release it. anyway you will continue release updates with fixes etc. - It’s just will show that your app is in active development process and not like “place and forget”.

I think it’s a good choice only if there’s a plan of getting something in return - I mean feedback, for if you want to comtinue working on your appa and finally get some commercial attention, you’ll need awesome UX for sure. Give out alphas and betas of your game but make users feel obliged to give you some info about the UX after they use it for some time.
Releasing uncontrollled and unfinished version of an app seems a bit pointless to me.

They should really just wait…I hate when devs put out unfinished games and then put out a bunch of patches. They should take their time and postpone the release date.

I am considering my reply to your question, but I’ve not finished it yet, so I’ll give you just part of it now, and the rest when I’ve finished it…

If you were writing a book and…(remainder to come later!)