what would you suggest

I have published my second App a few days ago. It is this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.thomaslankes.mmt
It is basicly a explaining pocket calculator.
I did most of the usual stuff: I have a landing page mmt.thomas-lankes.de, I have a Facebook page, a Google plus page and a video. And I posted in most of the relevant Facebook and Google plus communities, trying not to be to spamish!
So my question is what would you suggest is the best marketing activity for let’s say two hundered dollar, better less. At the moment my App is free but if I get more then a few users I may add some paid additional features.
Please feel free to give me one or more ideas for my app. Thank you in advance.

Hi Thomas.
First of all you have to understand your target auditory. In case MMT it may be schoolchildren or their parents. Many children don’t like to study and especially they hate math :slight_smile: So, you need to focus on parents. You can try to find some web sites for parrents and promote your app on these web sites. For example, google “my child doesn’t understand math” and you will find a lot of intresting for you. Here is first link from search result: Math disability in children: An overview - Math | GreatSchools. Just add comment like “Nice article, I’m using MМT(link) app to help my child with math and it works well” and so on. In my experience, 200$ it’s not enough for app promo. It will be better to save this money.

Good point. Outside of facbook an Google plus is also a internet. Thank you for that. And btw I was hoping that kids understand that MMT is also the official homework cheating app. I mean, if a kid doesn’t want to learn, the result can always be copied one to one into their homework☺

Also good idea, but I think you need to cover more cases. Add few additional categories for different ages(grades). I’m not sure, but I think that only high school students thinks about cheating with homework :slight_smile: And they are more social and can share your app with friends/classmates.

Well, I have a small personal problem with beeing spamish. However, my MMT just got accepted in Google Play for Education. I didn’t expect to be accepted there, my App isn’t as nice as most others out there.

I will wait a little in order to see how high is the impact in downloads. And if Google Play for Education works, I will throw a few paid Apps behind. My MMT is able to implement pretty much any calculation algorithm, for example multiplication or perhaps a training mode.

Anyone has an idea, what I can expect from Google Play for Education? I will let you guys know my experience when I have sufficent data.