What to do with a $300 budget?


I will be releasing a new game on the market soon and I have a limited budget of $300 to promote it.

I would like to have some tips about what is the best way to spend this money and if it’s worth the trouble to advertise it at all with such a low budget.

With $300, you can get approx 10000 installs. But if game is good, is translated and has better play store description $300 is more than enough.
Just search for Animal Run - Cheetah on play store. It was in top new free games list and is published one of the member in this forum. You can PM its publisher too to get some tips.

Hope that helps.

How would I get 10000 installs with $300 budget?

I know that game but looks like the developer has no idea why it is so successful. He says: “I am thinking it is just a lucky set of keywords used in the description.” or “Whats odd is that it is the most boring and dumb app i have ever made. But i guess that’s how it always happens, with the one you don’t think will do well.”

So it doesn’t look like he can help me with by question. :slight_smile:

Try app brain which offers advertising on pay per install basis

Appbrain’s minimum bid is 0.2 so with $300 I can’t get more than $1500 installs.

oh! I haven’t tried app brain but someone on this forum had mentioned about $0.02 as minimum bid. May be it was a type. Apologies.

You can try TapJoy instead of AppBrain. Minimum bid is 0.1$. I used it some time ago and it worked fine.

Tapjoy is an incentive type of network and probably most of the installs will be followed shortly by uninstalls because the users who install your game on tapjoy do it to earn virtual currency in other games.