What to choose?

Hello! I am from AU. I have just developed an app and want to monetize it. Could someone recommend what mobile ad network to choose? :huh: I know some of them (LeadBolt, Admob, MillenialMedia, etc.) but I need the best one. Thanks in advance for your help.

Real question is what type of ad you want to implement on that base you choosing a provider.

uhh… more like: Where is your audience ?

eg: If it is in China, there is no point choosing an ad network that only serves adverts to the USA…

There’s no real objective measure of “the best one”. It depends on your purpose.

That said, there are a few safe bets which will work for most applications. Firstly AdMob. It’s easy to integrate, good documentation available and the SDK is very stable. If you enable AdSense inventory you can get fill rates in the ~90% range if you’ve got a decent number of impressions.

LeadBolt is another network I’d recommend, simply for its versatility. Once you integrate the LeadBolt SDK you’ll be able to use banner ads, interstitials, app walls, rich media content unlockers & even push notifications. I’ve been very happy with the support from this network, and eCPM is good especially for the app wall and rich media options.

I haven’t been overly impressed with Millennial Media - I’m getting decent revenue from them but nothing fantastic. There are a lot of other networks of course, which specialise in different ad formats or target demographics. For example, Madvertise which is fantastic for Western European countries, not so good for anywhere else in the world. But for a start, I’d recommend looking at AdMob and/or LeadBolt.

Thanks a lot fro replies. I would like to place a banner. My audience is here, in AU, and then the rest ‘English-speaking world’.

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