What the hell this startapp doing

Hi everybody.


i am reading all comments everybody is struggling with same things.

i am comparing last year and i am getting 1.80$ ecpm and now i have the half of it.

and this ad business is getting worse . please do not compare previous years to this year.beause it is different this time.

and how it can be better. i do not know.

my impressons are increasing but ecpm is d…mn so low.i am using only interstitials.

i try to do my best and this f…king advertising companies are doing nothing.

i am using admob also and it is not so bad but i am using this stupid company as backfill and this stupid company is also giving never reachable bonuses and prizes.

i am reading all comments and my conclusion is that any ad company is not good now except admob.

can you -as developers- suggest a good network?


Right now there is no good AD network, the only ones making money now are games and apps that have around 20,000 impressions or more. Other than that your just going to have to stick it out until a good network comes along.

ok i know i am already doing 21000 or 22000 impressions daily.

Startapp was good some time ago… now their eCPM sucks… But it’s maybe not entirely their fault… All network have low eCPM nowadays. It’s because of ad network saturation (advertisers are splitted on networks, there is no 1 big network, where every advertiser can go). And also there is more and more apps and publishers, so money goes to more people and apps now… I think it’s getting harder and harder in our business

In my personal experience (limited to my utility Apps) all CPI Networks are similarly bad. Actually for me is StartApp>AppNext>MobileCore>AdBuddiz in regard of ecpm. But StartApp gave me other problems so I am using AppNext now.

These are not CPI networks :wink: ofcourse pays you for CPI but CPI networks are: yeahmobi, mobpartner, clickdealer, when you have more control of ads and direct offers.

Advertisers>Real CPI networks> CPI TARGETING NETWORKS like appnext or mobilecore > developers

Ofcourse, all depends your userbase. For me, my ecpm is 0,9$-1,5$ for USA. (not startapp)

No good ad network? Lol …The reason you get bad eCPM is because your app sucks, and i might sound like an asshole but it’s the truth, i can upload spam crap all day but it won’t ever blow past 30-40cent eCPM …I upload a quality app…I see $2+ eCPM …ALL day…every day …try creating apps people actually use more then once and have an interest in because when you have an app someone uses <5 times and could careless about…well…what do you expect? them to join every ad you present them? No. You’re dealing with HUMANS, people HAVE to CLICK your ad before you make money, so instead of blaming the ad networks, look at your demographic for your apps and it’s probably very bad countries and horrible age demo’s

And no, it’s getting easier to make money, the app industry is projected to reach $100B in ad revenue by 2020 …you guys are just going to give up and let it slide away? we’re 4-7 years ahead of the “wave” and by “wave” i mean the point where everyone and their dog has 2-4 mobile devices - we aren’t quite there yet

What’s your “quality app”? … and whats your impression numbers? Don’t tell us that with 900 000 impressions daily, it’s possible to keep $2+ ecpm, all day, every day…
It’s getting harder because more and more android apps everyday but top200 developers are getting 90% traffic from these 2-4 mobile devices from dogs. People are not looking for apps, just installing what they are see on the top list.

I don’t run just on google play, I have my own app store and my own ad network that I run traffic with also so my numbers will vary then other peoples because I’ve optimized a lot and cross promote a ton. I wouldn’t recommend just focusing on G-play either, Go upload on Getjar or Aptoide or the other 300 other markets…there is MORE traffic on 3rd party then google play …google play only dominates north america markets …they control something around 4-6% of the global market if I remember correctly which is really nothing. Cross promoting will make your life 1000x easier too and you’ll make more money because you can target the right users with the right apps.

A quality app is basic something like a simple collage creator app or photo editor and they do amazing or something to do with instagram / facebook / social …there are a ton of niches besides games that do very well.

unless you have a big budget or access to a large traffic source i’d stay far away from games because you’ll get wiped out by people with massive budgets

and how much you can generate a day($) without google play? :slight_smile: I am interested to mobile9 market, can we talk via skype? lukasz.macczak
btw. my app on GetJar is waiting in review for…2014, no support response, lol :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed Startapp isnt really active on the forums anymore, what happen with Ariel? How is the business doing? I used Startapp 4 years ago and was actually reconsidering using them again but now that I’ve read this thread maybe not

Nowadays, I suggest to use some bigger ad networks. Applovin, Appnext, inmobi, vungle, adcolony or even airpush(180 workers), we have guarantee that network will not dissapear. The worst are 1-10 people networks.

Very good points you made. You seem to understand the business better than a lot of people on this forum. We’ve seen similar trends across some of our big publishers in 3rd-party markets.
We are in the process of finishing up our third-party SDK, which will benefit a lot of developers in emerging markets, and across many of the other fragmented markets.

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If Google play only had 4 to 6%, then I can confirm getjar or Aptoide only had 0.004% market share. They are really nothing. I don’t know why you are saying there is more traffic outside Google play, and it is not only dominate north america, your facts are all wrong.

The biggest market outside Google play is in China.

Look at new offerwall from startapp.
You can download one app and see how it behaves:

StartApp Offerwall

The true reason for the issues about Startapp is that we(Advertisers) can’t make money on it, it’s a good network, I had spent over $1,000,000 on startapp. It’s getting harder than before, we can’t make money, so you can’t either, but you guys can wait, because we are waiting too.

Try FAN, they have about hundreds employer for mobile apps ads. I have plan to remove startapp completely because very very low CPM and revenue.