What steps can you take to get your app featured in the iOS App Store?

If you get featured on the App Store, you can expect tens of thousands of users to hit your app store page, there are millions of apps, getting featured is not an easy thing, buy it’s achievable, follow the following steps to get your app featured on the App Store.

Create a High-Quality App
You can’t expect a bad quality app to get featured on the most selective app store in the world. Building a high-quality app is the most fundamental step to get your app featured on the App Store. And if your app is good enough, the App Store review team will reach out and ask you to get your marketing media ready to be featured on the App Store.

Use Latest iOS Features
Develop your app with new technology followed by Apple, like new APIs and 3D games. This could be the main reason why Apple will feature your app as this is a way for them to returning the favor to you for using their latest technologies.

Apple Friendly
If you want your app to be featured, then it has to be a friend of Apple. Apple bases friendship on three factors:
Following all the App Store Marketing Guidelines.
Designing like Apple.
Making your app universal for all iOS products, with localized languages and helpful accessibility support.

Update for Important Events/Days
App Store changes their layout and creates some new categories, lists specifically for the event. Therefore, they expect apps to change their costume to fit in these events. Getting on those specific lists will boost your discoverability, thus, increase the downloads. Apple picks charming apps two or three weeks before the event.

Keep Your App Up-to-Date
Apple likes to see apps that are frequently updated and relevant to users. For example, you can add new features for special occasions.

Have at least a few hundreds downloads/day during the first days after launch
Having a decent number of downloads in the first days of launch will mean that your app will quickly advance in the charts. A good launch might be essential for your app. The first 2 weeks are the best time for new apps, if you can’t get enough organic installs, you can[b]buy app installs[/b] to promote your app, to lay a solid foundation for the further promotion.

Get 4/5-Star Ratings and Get Positive Reviews
The App Store has high standards when it comes to the apps in it, and of course Apple wants to keep these standards. It’s always better to keep your app rating and reviews positive. What’s more, about 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews. Besides ask and incentivize users to give your app positive feedback, you can also get app ratings and [b]get app reviews[/b] from third parties, which is much easier.

Hope the 7 methods are useful to you.