What Should I Wear to a Theater Audition?

If you are auditioning for a play or theater company, it is important to make an excellent visual impression. While nothing can make up for talent or typecasting, the correct outfit can help you impress the auditors and do your best. The three keys to a great theater audition outfit are comfort, professionalism and unique style.

Comfort is an enormous factor in considering what to wear for your theater audition. Too tight or too loose clothing will hinder you and make you feel awkward. Materials like cotton, twill or soft jersey are excellent for an audition, as they are easy to move in and soft. Remember, you may be asked to dance or show movement at an audition, so wearing comfortable clothes is an asset. Avoid jeans or any denim, as they are rigid and difficult to move in.

If you get stage fright or audition fright, take that into consideration when choosing your outfit. Remember that sometimes nerves can cause sweating, and avoid shirts that might stain easily. Also, avoid any clothing with complicated straps or tricky zippers. Generally these clothes aren’t comfortable to begin with, and the last thing you need is to worry about clothing mishaps.