What should i be making with 10k active users per day?

I have around 10k active Indian users per day in one of my app(not game). I am earning around 13-16$ per day now.
I have around 150k impressions per day with 93% fill rate. 36k - 40k user sessions per day with average session duration of 2.10 Min/Session.
My CTR sucks big time at 0.25%-0.35%. I can improve my CTR by redesigning my app and get the same no. of clicks but with reduced impressions (say 75k).
Now my question is,

Am i doing good / bad / worse in terms of my current revenue?
How much revenue can i actually expect with this user base?

Kindly help me out here… so that i can get a clear picture before redesigning my app.

Economically, if you are doing good/bad depends on how much effort/time/money you invested into the app itself. So if you are invested a couple of days of your time and making 10-20$ per day is not bad, expecting you have no running costs with the app.

Beside that, it may depend on your app itself - each app has by nature it’s upper revenue limit - there is no magic formular which makes every app suddenly earn twice the money :slight_smile: So without knowing about your app, it is hard to give you any valueable advice.

On the other side, if you tell your app, and telling that it’s making daily money on a relatively cheap to advertise market, you will have dozens of people copy your app and make their own - so it may be better to not tell it - haha

Maybe someone has also an app with your user base and may give more info about what numbers are to expect, but I would say if it is making money, don’t change a running system and head on to the next project.

Mark these words dude. This is the best advice he is giving you. I’ve learned this one HARD way and a VERY HARD way. Believe me it ia as hard as $4000/month auto and easy. So mark this one.

how much download per day?

Currently @ 2k downloads per day in Google Play

You should be making way more money. Google pays pretty fair for indian clicks. With 1k impression per day I make 2$-3$. So you should have about 150x more, that means it’s possible to earn 300$ with this ammount of impressions. Maybe think about inrestitials? Your CTR is low you should aim on 4% as a good minimum.

13 - 16$ is a sum of banner ads + interstitials… :frowning:
I currently get around 500 clicks for 1,50,000 impressions, i can improve the CTR by reducing the no. of impressions to 50% say 75k but with same no. of clicks.
Will that have a positive impact on my earnings ?

no, it doesn’t matter. “1,50,000” Did you mean 150 000? I need 10x less impressions to get 500 clicks. There’s definetly something wrong. What ad network do you use and when you display ads?

I know that I am counting impressions which you can decrease ammount of but you have a lot of users and they should generate more money:)

Well thats ****ed-up bro. I get like 1000 clicks on 50k imp. . You can get a HELL lot of money with that imressions. Let me know if you need any advice on that.

Hey @Frozen with that kind of traffic you should be earning much more than that. Combine your banner and interstitials also with Pollfish surveys and at least double your daily revenue. If you need any help or info on that just message me.

Thats around what I make, this guy should be rolling in money.

2$-3$ with less than 500 installs?

you guys get an eCPM of 2-3$ … ?

Hi, I have other games connected to Admob, the iPhone ones do alot better.

p.s. its only under 500 on Google Play but I have my games published on additional 10-15 marketplaces. It adds up.

Just a heads up…
I just updated with the new admob and my revenue increased from 13-16$ to 23-29$ per day…
After about a week of time admob allocated me an account manager. Now am under the radar :frowning:
He asked me to remove the interstitial ad on exit (before closing app) and told me its a policy violation and will get me banned.
So i removed. Now revenue back to 13-16$ (only banners for now)

Do Admob provide an account manager? new knowledge

hmm … so exit ads ARE disallowed at all (officially)? quote from a google site:

Think about the flow of user engagement within your application. Place your ads where users might be expected to be less engaged with the content of the application, such as transitions in written content, during level changes of a game, or when a user might be expected to exit the application.

well this is for ad placement … not sure if this is true for interstitials also …

the exit ad cant appear after the app is closed. If you click exit button app doesn’t exit but display an ad instead. If you click X on ad, then your app should close. I think such ad placement is ok. What do you thinkg guys?

wait wut? chartboost is showing me that my game generated 3300 impressions and it earned me 87 cents.