Making Money with Android

what new Ad networks are good with fast payments

Hi guys I been away for a while about 8 months. I was wondering what new AD networks out there are good with fast payment models. By fast payment models I mean pay weekly or bu weekly.

You should check out alphagravel. With alphagravel you can cash out anytime. We connect to over 20 exchanges and adnetworks. Alphagravel has no admob requirement. We are also now available on unity, cocos2d, phonegap, adobeair…with corona and marmalade coming soon. Reach out to me if you have any issues.

Matt Brown
Alphagravel Developer Relations
skype: matt.alphagravel

Excellent there is another tool called Construct 2 which is popular and you can add that to your list. Thank you for the response I will check out your company.


Thanks for the info. note we now have marmalade just added to our list.
Re: construct 2…thanks for pointing me to this…Is it widely used ?

Yes if you go on thier website
they have a thread over 50 pages long of android apps and games on the appstore now. Right now I’am personally looking into using Unity or Construct 2 in the future.

Admob and Facebook all the way.

We have an offer wall ad unit. We can offer very fast payments (bi-weekly).