What network to choose?

Hi, I’m looking for the new network for my apps. I tried a lot of networks:

  1. Admob - easy to link dev accounts, not very good eCPM
  2. Startapp - low ecpm, they like to ban accounts,
  3. Airpush - their ads often does not have close button and they are not loading most of the times (just a Text ‘skip ad’ with black screen),
  4. FB ads - adding ads for more apps takes a lot of time, low fill rate,
  5. A lot more… (Applovin, Vungle, Applovin)

Do you have any ideas for new network? Maybe mediation? I tried Heyzap (easy to link dev accs because of putting ID in initialization) and Mopub (too hard integration).

The dream network: easy integration with Eclipse, initializing SDK without putting the same String in ad methods for every app, NET 30, fast integration with low amount of permissions.

I have been using AdinCube, who are a great mediation network. They do best with Admob in the mix though, which has strengthened my Admob RPM a lot.
You still get paid your Admob earnings through Admob when mediating with Admob in the mix. Every other network is paid through them.
They are net 30, but you can withdraw between net 1-29 with a 2% fee up to twice a month too.

They have fast support and easy to use website and SDK.

Thanks for this! I read about them and I checked that they are only working for apps making 10k+ impressions per day, is it true? How hard is the integration process?

No problem! :slight_smile: Yeah, they ideally want 10k impressions per ad unit per day, but that’s only so they can give you the best performance. They say that’s how their system is set up.
You don’t have to have that many impressions per ad unit though, you just see the best performance if you do.

Do you know what will be when e.g. number of impressions will come from 15k/day to 5k/day? Ads will stop appearing? 10k is number of requests or impressions (depends on fillrate)? Their integration looks excellent - simple and quick! All networks should learn from them about integration process.

@mmmkkksss if you’re looking for another mediation - AerServ are looking interesting in terms of the number of demand sources they integrated.

According to whois information, Adincube looks new. Need confidence… :confused:

Big thread on this forum with them talking from some months back http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/42325-adincube-smarter-ad-mediation.html

I think part of the question is - are you doing incentivized ads? And format wise are you looking for video, banner or full screen?

For rewarded video ads I found that Hyprmediateis pretty slick and easy to use in terms of mediation, though it’s still a fair bit of work to setup all of the different ad networks and their reporting. But I definitely enjoy using them over manually adding each SDK and trying to do mediation yourself.