What is your top 5 most reliable ad networks?

So, I am an indie dev with daily more than 60 millions ad requests for my apps. I am using only Admob and Facebook, I want to add a few more ad networks to mediation. I don’t want to risk my apps with shady ad networks. I would love hear your ideas about the most reliable ad networks. First two that come in my mind is MoPub because they are belong to Twitter and Chartboost, what else?

For games you can use Admob with Chartboost/Startapp. A lot of people complain about Startapp, but for games, it gave me bigger revenue than Admob or Chartboost.
For apps the best is to use only Admob. Maybe Facebook Audience Network(the problem is that it has a really low fill rate).
Don’t use Inmobi, Applovin - they have low ECPM.
Maybe you can try UnityAds for video ads.

60 million ad requests a day? That’s very impressive! What’s your secret? haha.

I use AdinCube who mediate with Admob, StartApp, UnityAds, Facebook, MoPub, Applovin, Amazon, Vungle, AdColony, RTB, AppNext, ChartBoost, Ogury and AdBuddiz.

So all the networks you mentioned are in their waterfall. They perform best with big impressions per day too. You can withdraw payments twice a month at any time and their support is the best I’ve seen.

What about the Heyzap?
Any of you using it?

It used to be good and super easy to integrate its SDK.

No idea how its doing these days.

All ad networks have their ups and downs. They’ll have a good campaign, then it will end, then later they’ll get another, and so on. It’s best to have multiple networks and mediate them. That way you get the benefit of the ups, and can mitigate the downs.

I would look into using Enhance. It really wont matter if the network you want to use has a crazy hard to integrate SDK or a simple one. With Enhance, you can get all of the features a service provider offers without having to do anything with their SDK.

Try Heyzap, try Mopub, try Chartboost! It only takes a few minutes to implement one or more networks. If you don’t like how that network performs, remove it in a few clicks. Create your own waterfall that can be swapped out in no time at all. And its free to use.

For more information on the fastest way to implement and update SDKs, follow the link : http://fgl.io/MMWA2

Good Luck!

Though it’s sometimes impacted by a) type of app (game, utility, etc.) and b) ad formats, there are some networks which are consistent performers regardless of where and what type of ads you’re integrating.

Since you’re planning to integrate multiple networks and mediate them anyway, consider working with a mediation solution like Appodeal, Fyber, or ironSource. The primary benefit is that solid mediation solutions work with reputable and effective networks, which is important if you want to avoid shady networks, as you said. Services like Appodeal manage all the relationships with the ad networks for you. The algorithm ensures you show the highest paying ad every time.

I would recommend Smartyads as they offer a lot of different solutions, support is very kind and interface is really attractive so you enjoy observing statistic of your campaigns and results.

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