What is your revenue for active users/new installs?

Hi, Recently I was wondering if I’m getting the maximum revenue I can from my apps. Currently I have 10 apps however only the one that matters. I know that revenue depends some key factors like app type, how much time user spends in app etc. However I think it would be great to know what ad networks do you use and how much do you earn - I know that not everyone would like to share the revenues so maybe we could share our earnings per new installs and per active users. I think this would be great to create such database and see how much money other developers earn from their apps (everyone would be able to see if is making the max revenue he can from the app).

If you do not want to share such information, please just help me and tell if my revenue is quiet right for this kind of app and for active users/new installs the app has.

So my stats are (just only for this one app, others don’t really matters)
New installs daily: ~ 700
Active users: ~ 39k
Daily revenue: ~ 8$ now

Or if you don’t want to share your revenue:
Earnings/daily installs: 0,01$/new install
Earnings/active users: 0,0002$/active user

Ads/networks: used: Airpush smartwall that run in 60 seconds intervals combined with AdMob banner at the top, earlier I used also airpush banners but nowadays I noticed that not so many banners was available to show
App(s) Type: Not absorbing app, may say a shitty one :wink:

So as I say if you don’t want to share such information, please just tell me if my earnings are ok or too low according to my stats.

Thanks in advance :wink:

From my experience 90% of money made with banner ads is made by new users. I currently have 2 app which more or less have the same number of download per day (1500-2000) and make more or less the same amout of money (~20$/day). What is interesting that the first app have 25k active users and the second has 8k. It seems that old users just develop banner blindness and stop to click. Sure there’re some days in which the income in the first app shoot ups to ~40$/day (I guess some interesing ad was showing and old users clicked on it - new users seem to clikc just because they like your app and want to ‘pay’ you, once ‘paid’ they don’t click).

Maybe it’s wiser to show “buy premium app” banners to old users then it is to show AdMob banners?