What is your active installs/total installs ratio?

I’m new in google play. Last week I’ve upload my first app on Google Play and start posting announcements on different forums. For now, I have about 100-150 installation per day. But I see strange thing(at least I think so). My current active installs/total installs ratio = 0.53. I think it’s bad, because it means that 50% user has deleted app.
I didn’t use any ads promotion yet. Only announcements on forums and one free app review on android related site. My bug report system shows me only few random crashes. So, it also can’t be a reason of to many uninstalls. Also my app is ads free, there is no annoying ands or something like air push. Average app rate is 4,83 stars.

So, Is it ok to have such ratio? Or something going wrong and I need fix it? What is your active installs/total installs ratio?


Got an active/total rate of 0.42 eventhough it’s a quality live wallpaper and hardly ever crashes. Users like it, with a rating of 4.26

I wouldn’t worry about your 0.53

The active installation ratio will constantly fall (which is natural), some of our apps with higher 6-digit total installations over more than 3 years have 17%-32% active installs.
A 4,83 rating is also unlikely to stay, anything between 4,1 and 4,6 is good and realistic ;).

Thanks Guys! Nice to hear this, because I’m started to worry about my app :slight_smile:

Enjoy that 53% /4.83 while you can;) It’s only gonna get worse from now on but hopefully you will get more than the 100-150 installs a day and make more $$$ in exchange

I have 25% ratio on my old, old app. Very hard to keep it popular these days.
So no matter how popular your app is - make new ones all the time.

I have 6% active install ratio on one of my >3 yrs old app. It’s 4 star app with ~950,000 dls.

8% active installs - for an app with 1M downloads
11% active installs - for an app with 0.9M downloads

This is for a novelty app - and probably represent the low end of the range. Ratio should be higher for higher quality apps.

9% active install for may app >2.7 M download

You can’t make many any conclusions based on data from few days :slight_smile: You must wait at least few weeks or months to have “objective” active installs/total installs ratio. For example my app was doing like this:

  1. on first days 50-60% active users
  2. after first month like 40-50%
  3. then constantly slowly going down, and now after 500 000 downloads it’s like 30% and still decreasing very slowly. If you studied math, you will know that it is natural and inevitable, that active/total ratio will ALWAYS be only smaller and smaller in long-term stats :slight_smile:

You could have 100% of all your users keeping your app but if 0% actually use the app it won’t matter. That number is of course harder to measure.

You wil. Eventually end up to 10-20% within a year. Its because android devices get slower when there’s a lot of apps installed. And the most of the devices have a low internal memory. So users actually deletes all the apps except most essential apps. They just install a game or app, use it for a few days and deletes it.

Hi Danelab, I am new to Android dev as well, I was just wondering, you say you getting 100-150 installs daily, how did you achieve this?

I have 2 apps online and published another today, should be up in a few hours. I posted my first game 2 weeks back and only have 25 installs:

2nd app has 8 installs

It’s really difficult for new developers from what I’ve heard and read online, please if you don’t mind me asking, what free app review sites did you use?

I’ve posted on about 5 different review sites and still no luck.

If anyone else has any info regarding this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

20%, For an app with total 500k install, uploaded 180 days

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