What is the best ads network for the Middle East?

This is a report from my app from yesterday for instance, the revenue/rpm is pretty low? Am I doing something wrong or is there a better network to use for the middle east?

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.58.56 AM.jpg

All ad networks perform differently. Even those who target a specific geo can be outdone by another that does not.
In that case, its best to use multiple networks in a waterfall setup and see who takes the traffic and at the same time, pays out well.

There is no ONE network that is the best, trying different networks or a mediation network is a great start to finding out which network will be the one you want.

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The best you can do is integrate mediation in your app so that you can get the highest bid from different ad networks at the same time.

He is just right! Go ahead and try different ad mediation platforms.

I’ve heard really good comments from Appodeal. They have 24/7 support team, a really practical dashboard and convenient payment methods (they work with cryptocurrency and have upfront payment option in case you are looking to re-invest).

Hi :slight_smile: Well, to be honest, $ 0.11 eCPM is a really low price for the Middle East region. Are you running standard mobile banners?

If you are looking for increasing eCPM try to launch higher paid ad formats like native ads or rewarded videos.
I do also recommend you to try ad mediation with different ad platforms. Thus, you will have a chance to understand which demand brings you the highest payouts and fill rate.

Contact our team if you are looking for higher CPM rates and 100% fill rate in the Middle East region.


if you want my advice , best ad network in middle east is admob only
my apps are for middle east and i tried all networks before (startapp , adincube , airpush and more ) and they are all the same because the advertisers in this area do not pay too much
so if you want more revenue try to get traffic from Europe or USA for your apps

I would recommend Alphagravel Mobile Monetization SDK
Have a visit to them for more information how easily effectively you all can achieve this.


Thought Google AdSense is better than all.