What is Safe Admob CTR for both Interstitial and Banners?

[b]We can see lots of Developer loosing their Admob account including thousand of revenue in it and it’s mostly because of that CTR.
CTR is click through rate which is key for admob team to find out accidental clicks on our app’s ads.

so here i’m going to make this thread Which will decide what will be SAFE CTR for Admob interstitial and banner ads for Android apps.

I need experts replies here who using Admob ads from Long time without any issue and have safe CTR on interstitial and banners.
those experts Freedback on this thread about SAFE CTR can help other developers to be safe in Admob and newbie can control their CTR.

so i request all experienced Admob developers to give their valuable feedback here and help others to not get banned because of high CTR.


there is no rule, but in my case

below 1% for banners
below 6% for interstitial
account alive for many years

Generally, what @Javanshir said sounds correct. Although you should know that CTR is not the only way they find accidental clicks, they also look on conversion rate (how many people installed the app after clicking in your ad) and how many users start clicking “back” immediately after clicking the ad.

Thanks a lot both of you @Javanshir and @allagainstyou for your valuable feedback here.
now my question to @Javanshir
are you using Admob for your apps? if yes then from how long time and is it still active?:confused:
reply on it will be really appreciate. thanks before

yes, mostly admob and it is already many years :slight_smile: admob is active and never had a problem. Some of the apps got suspended, but admob still alive with no problem at all

Great to here that bro. Can you tell me are you using both interstitial and banner ads on your apps? and what is normal CTR of both on your apps buddy? :slight_smile: