What is it like to have 5+ million downloads on one app ?

Please if any of you got that kind of downloads , share with us the experience ?

1.Is it hard to manage ?
2.What kind of app it is ?
3.What did you do to achieve that number of downloads ?
4.Whats the Percentage of active users do you have ?
5.How many new organic downloads you get daily ?
6.Do you still Advertise?

I hope we find someone to share such an inspiring experience with us.


Didn’t quite make 5 million but I did hit 3.5 Million on a live wallpaper and was starting to get 30-50k installs a day until I got suspended, was making like $350 a day with the app so it was nice.

Opera Mobile Store

So you actually simulate a 3D model of a fish - and put in some behaviors so it behaves well ?

Why would such a thing get suspended - was it infringing on some other thing ?

You see most of our working accounts when we first started got suspended [ so many times].
I had 1 million on one app and it was really nice i was making about $200 from different ad networks .
The tricky step is to get back on your feed after getting suspended.

Guys, can you tell us why your popular apps got suspended?

3.5 million with a LWP? That’s crazy.

How much did you spend on marketing?

maybe like $70 for app translations to other languages, suspended for ad policy violation, when notifications got shutdown airpush updated to a new sdk but their new sdk failed to place in the EULA which got my account suspended, they finally updated again a week after with another sdk showing the app disclaimer. Any apps that collect information must have a disclaimer, got suspended back in Novemeber of 2013 on that account.

70$? That makes it even crazier…

How many translations did you have?

Can you share few tips on getting downloads?

1.Translate your app to different languages.
2.Get as much as you can downloads on the first week[Friends ,Family, Fools], Ask them to download, rate 5 starts and leave an actual review.
3.You can also run a CPI campaign with some ad network like [ AppBrain ].
4.Try to target newly lunched categories.
5.Implement an invitation system inside your app. [ for example if you have a came with coins in it , make them invite 5 friends for 5 coins ] << this can take your game /app to the top in no time. [if you have a cool app/game]

How to get good downloads:

  • the most important I would say is getting good ratings at the beginning.
  • mistake to avoid, is paying for ratings :slight_smile: (i did it, results were horrible)

step by step instructions here on apps marketing

So no lasting consequences from the fake reviews? I don’t plan to get them, I’m just eager to know. :slight_smile:

well define fake ?
fake, one guy just installs emulators and has 100 accounts with the same ip, and post them 2 minutes one after another ? … this is not good.

Well, yes, that’s how I would define fake. :slight_smile: So no bans or anything like that? Only “negative SEO penalty” like on websites (low rankings)?

I didn’t got banned. but just no results in new downloads. I mean, when I did it, the app had 50 - 5 star ratings, and almost 10-20 downloads per day. Waste of time, and waste of $5 :))

Good to know that these things don’t work. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for these tips.What service you use to translate app?and isn’t it enough to translate strings.xml alone?

I don’t really use any service , I use my friends all over the world or a pay a freelancer to translate it for a certain amount of money! , and yea string.xml and of course the description on the store that is basically what I do.

Oh i see.Btw does appbrain promote paid apps?have you tried it?what’s the result?is it really worth ?


I have an app with 6M+ and another one it’s way with 1M+

1.Is it hard to manage ?
No, except for all the foreign language emails I can’t read.

2.What kind of app it is ?
robot voice app for kids

3.What did you do to achieve that number of downloads ?
no idea, just uploaded the app.

4.Whats the Percentage of active users do you have ?
4% now, the app is over a year 1/2 old…

5.How many new organic downloads you get daily ?
about 5,000 now. When app was blowing up in the first 30 days, about 125,000

6.Do you still Advertise?

How much have you earned with that 6M app?