What is happening with FAN?

After 15 days I have not been able to pass an application. The “Not Started” indicator is still displayed. “Send an ad request” and, although on the “Performance” page, the ad requests appear, FAN does not allow clicking the “Send for review” button. Is someone else going on or am I doing something wrong?


Is your app live

Me too :frowning:

Yes, of course!

I have a few applications in FAN with the same configuration and I never had this problem :frowning:

Has anyone been lucky with FAN and been lucky with the “Ad Request” in the past few weeks? :frowning:

Do you use the latest FAN SDK? If your answer is no, you dhould try to upgrade your SDK. That was the solution for me.

Yes. I have tried with the last SDK 4.20 and also with the remote compilation. I have also deleted the application and compiled it again with different ID without any result. The requests are shown in the “Performance” table but I can not use the “Send for review” key. :frowning:

Finally solved !!

Finally it is under review.
The missing step was:

In order for us to register your first request, use real devices instead of emulators or simulators and make sure that an application administrator, developer or appraiser has logged into Facebook on that device.


I have below status for my new app for last 2 days. I followed all the necessary things to be eligible for Review, but all is in the vain.
“Not started - please send an ad request”

  • I have logged into the Facebook app with admin ID and using the real device, not any simulator.
  • I am able to see the Test FAN ads on my app.
  • My App is Live on the Google store.
  • I can see multiple ad requests received in facebook developer console in Audience Network –> Performance –> Details section
  • Integrating it in eclipse and will use it in Admob mediation.

Still my Send For Review button is Grey and not activated without which i can not send it for review.
I tried their Audience Network Requests Debugger tool and started it to receive the requests. But nothing happening.

Please share your thoughts OR tell me which forum all you people are using these days !!!