What is best ads network for South Asian countries?

Hey guys!

I want to know better ads network that’s good for South Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan etc.). Have lots of traffic from these countries.


Did you try airpush they seem well for almost all countries

Yeah, but ain’t good for Asian traffic. I get very low eCPM.

In Asia, Japan has the highest eCPM.

Airpush,Admob,MobileCoreare always my source of income in Asia.

Sorry to hear your not 100% satisfied with the results from us for your Asian traffic. Shoot me a PM with your accounts email and I can see what I can do.

Airpush Nick

Startapp is working good for me in Asian countries .I am getting 1.20 eCpm average

Banners or Full ad?

i think Startappmarket and Unmatchedapp are good for Asian countries and mostly very useful for India, also give good cpm…

Can you use “MobileCore” ???
If you don’t, I suggest you to use “MobileCore”.

i am using full screen ad after user completing a task in my app. I think its a good place to get high click rate

Best networks here are always AAM


I have to disagree with you. Especially in South Asia, Appnext has been doing much better than Airpush and Mobile Core, for me. I would Use the term AAAM, since without connection to revenues, these are the safest networks…but I welcome and support even opinions that contradict my own :slight_smile:

Did you try to put it at App launch?

I tried using full screen ad at app launch but getting negative reviews from users so the uninstall rate is high.So removed ad at app launch.

Do not forget that you need to consider the type of the app…

What do you mean? Is there a specific type of app that works well for a certain network? If so, please share… I’d be happy to hear about it.

Example your app has 100k daily active users but have few downloads daily. CPI network won’t earn much in this type of app in the long run but if you use CPM or CPC network like Airpush or admob then you will always earn from your daily active users even if no new single downloads everyday…

In CPI network you cannot expect your old/returning users to download apps everyday for you.

BUMP! Looking for new suggestions.

Check my signature except mobileCore they are all tested in any part of Asia…