what is best ads network for middle east

hello guys

i want know that good ads network that good for middle east


I use Airpush,Mobilecore and admob.

i using mbilecore


4 days

this is bad i think

and admob i don’t think i can use it my app its not in google play
and and airpush …

airpush will give you $0.6 to $1 CPM IN Asia

I think Airpush and admob is the best ads networks that useful for center east.

I make about $2.5 eCPM in Admob and $3 eCPM at Appnext (interstitial only, app launch), in the middle east - Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, etc.

Your stat in Asia is impressive… Can you post an actual stat by country for both admob and appnex?

i thinking to try Leadbolt or Appnext which one u guys recommend ?

I couldn’t believe eCPM $2.5 to $3 at Egypt. I got horrible fill rate there.

in one of my apps I use admob in the middle of the app and Appnext during app launch.

Stats for United Arab Emirates - Appnext: (one of my apps):

impressions: 34,003
clicks: 7,540
Installs: 170
Revenue: $95.4
eCPM: $2.8

Is that stat Admob alone or appnext? I’m confused… How much you are getting per install in UAE for Appnext?

It’s Appnext. and you are right, usually in those countries the installs pays less. There was a big keyboard campaign in the beginning of last month (with a high rate) - most revenue came from that.

Maybe I didn’t pick the right example… Usually the CTR and CR are higher, but the payout for each install is lower. I can share another example if you want.

Please share because I haven’t tried appnext so far… Thanks in advance!

Don’t go with Leadbolt. That company is really bad now. Appnext is solid. I know it’s off topic and this forum is for android but lately they are the best for IOS, beating Chartboost and Admob

thanks the-count , i used Appnext.

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