What is ASO & how its work?

ASO stand for App Store Optimization. Now You can promote your App through ASO.

ASO based on getting free organic traffic to your website through a search queries like SEO.

ASO put huge emphasis on keywords and relevance of the result on specific search query like SEO.

Nice question buddy.i would like to tell you about ASO -
ASO stands for App Store Optimization.
At this point, you have most likely known about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. With around half of all sites activity falling into place without a hitch from web crawlers, it is basic for your site to be enhanced to emerge among the billions of pages on the Internet.

Presently, consider this: more than 60% (63% really, as per Forrester) of application downloads originate from individuals coolly perusing their application stores. Anyway, how would you get your application to each one of those individuals that won’t not be effectively hunting down it? How would you ensure that you are not passing up a great opportunity for what is presumably the greatest pool of potential clients for your application? Enter ASO, App Store Optimization.

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just like the SEO, ASO is a process of making your app more visible in app stores so that the audiences would like to install your app among millions of other apps. About the details, I have introduced it in the other place, you can check it from the following link:
How to benefit from ASO?

ASO depend in the keywords of your app title and description, and how many people search it on google play
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ASO or App Store Optimization is a comprehensive process of optimizing a mobile application page in the App Store and Google Play stores in order to maximize its visibility and conversion of visitors to downloads, and includes full text optimization of the title, description of the application, as well as graphic materials.owth of the app’s position in the store rankings for keywords, its visibility and received installs.

ASO consists of several main stages:

  1. Collecting the semantic core.
  2. Gathering a semantic core into new languages.
  3. Preparation of metadata.
  4. Working with search query management.
  5. Analysis of ASO strategy of competitors.

You can use these tips to optimize the app
1.Title. In Google Play you can use a short title of up to 30 characters, for App Store - 50, including the most important keywords
2.Short description (Google Play). The maximum number of symbols in a short description is 80 characters.In this description you can shortly pont the very essence of your application using keywords.
3.Full description. The length of the full description is up to 4,000 characters. It is important to make it interesting for the users, because it may influence whether they install the app or not. You can include the keywords there, but don’t spam them. Full description is very important for your app ranking
4.Icon. Create an attractive icon and eye-catching icon
5.Screenshots. You can add 8 attractive screenshots, and include your keywords there. It is recommended to create a set of screenshots for each device.
6.Category selection. Choose the most relative category for your app using logic and competitor analysis.
7.Localization. If the application is designed for different regions, you need to translate the title, descriptions, keywords, and screenshots into the languages of these regions.

The common mistakes in ASO:

  1. Not to use localization into different languages. Thus, you lose a significant part of the audience.
  2. Not to make regular changes
  3. Post many changes at once. This way you will never know which of them influenced the growth or fall of the targets.
  4. Rely on incorrect or misunderstood data.

Promotion of mobile applications is a long process aimed at maintaining the competitiveness of the application. ASO helps improve app visibility, increase organic search traffic and it is very important for the success of the application

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