Making Money with Android

What if user switches off internet so no ads can be loaded?

do you have any strategies for that?


In apps purchases.

Anyway, i don´t care about it, i have enough worries making games that people like and getting some visibility :wink:

not everything in the world is money… :wink:

are you asking this question on basis of some statistics ?like 20% switch off data pack or you are just thinking that users are turning of internet

i guess you can program like the app/game starts only if the internet is switched on.
i feel not much audience wud do that unless you spam them with loads of ads in a quality app

just thought that it’s a serious question, when you decide not sell the app but try to montize it via ads
sure, one could close the app when no intenet available but is that a common strategy???

The strategy is, let it be as it is. Don’t make things worse.

You can use the free space to display built in ads about your other games, so they get seen.

of cuz no. the ads are usually targeted on specific countries. So if you got no internet connection, how could the advertiser track the players behavior if he’s not connected to the server?

maybe i have to say I’m talking about an app not a game, and not a social app (where internet is needed for function )
i can’t imagine that companies (with employess etc.) can take the risk that the users just switch off internet before using their app massively

Just last week I implemented a check for internet access, which influences how much free content the user gets. I refer to it as the “sponsored” version.

There was a huge backlash against it, but that only shows how many people were exploiting the offline loophole.

If an app isn’t worth buying then it isn’t worth getting upset about either.

There are multiple situations where users may not have internet - for example when being in the train. Always consider THIS users - not those who do it by purpose. You will cut user experience if you penalise users without internet connection.

If someone wants to ommit ads, they normally just root their phone and install an adblock. Easy like this. If you use the ad space for other purposes, they cannot block it and you may have still use for it.

Always focus on your legit users - NEVER penalise. This is something the DVD industrie did completely wrong (fbi warnings, non-skipable) and is slowely accepting that fact, that this was a bad idea … thus it’s to late …

One could implement a counter use-sessions / use-sessions without internet and when hitting a threshold, do something
Legit users, i wouldn’t call a user who turns off internet not legit
DVD industrie…but what about free TV and pay TV?
You can’t turn off ads in free-TV by hitting a knob on your tv

Users who disable their internet or block ads on purpose were never going to interact with your ads in the first place. There is little you can/should do about it. House ads won’t make much difference to these users either.

If you find that you have a fair amount of users who use your app without internet by no fault of their own (who knows how you’d work this out) then they might be worth applying these previous solutions to.
Of course if this is less than 5-10% of user sessions then there may be no point in putting in the extra work, unless you’re talking a very large amount of user sessions.

This is all not really satisfying…
I believe if there was a knob on each TV to switch off ads, the whole TV-advertising / producing industrie would go bankrupt immediately.

@DohnJoe you can. there were hd-recorders which automatically cut out ad interuptions - they were forbidden in several countries.

to be honest, even users with adblock MAY interact with ads, IF the ad is targeted enough and relevant. A house ad is per nature more relevant than random ad stuff, which can be QUIET inapropriate … I can remember this scam ad banner stuff, where there is “new message” blinking … always wondered why such ads got approved. But those crap ads and pop-up ads are the real reason for ad blockers - not the idea of an ad. There are several reasons for ad blockers and me and you may also serve ads in a way which is too disturbing for users.

Personally I tend to not give ppl any real benefit of blocking ads. For example do not free the space, when no ad can be delivered and such things - I find it important, that all users get the same experience no matter if they block an ad or not. I also did a “thank you for not ad-blocking” screen sometimes, when an ad could be loaded sucessfully. I’ve also seen reddit doing this.

You cannot monetize each user. Easy like that. That’s why your CTR is just <1%. Because it is like it is. You may find yourself trying to hard :slight_smile:

yes but first record something and then watch it is not a knob titled “Ads off” …and even that was forbidden as you say :slight_smile:
ok got it, thanks for the advices what to do with the free space

just ask yourself, would you use and app witch leaves some space just like that - for nothing and useless. this should make you think not only for getting revenue for your apps, and also make people want to use your apps. if they want to support you for the free app, they will click on your add, but if they don’t why should you ruin their app experience. just don’t make this, because it’s ugly. if i have an app, and i see that there is free space, when i’m not using internet, probably i’ll find an alternative. and i think many people would…

just think a better way to force people use internet in your app. add some feature or something similar, that uses internet. that way the ads will be showing, and there will be a reason…

There are a great many parts of the world where mobile networks still charge a lot for data. Users in these countries will often disable data unless on a wi-fi connection. Indeed, my wife’s phone, which is a PAYG, is permanently left like this. There are enough wi-fi hotspots for emails etc. but the rest of the time people would mostly like, and probably expect, to be able to use any app (assuming data connection not actually needed) without a data connection. There are also still large areas with no, or very slow, data connectivity via mobile networks (I can’t get data inside the large shopping centre in the large city where I live).

You then just have to make a business decision whether you want to reduce the number of users by restricting usage to data connected devices, or accept that most users will not actually contribute hard cash into your pocket, but will add to your user base, reputation, ratings, etc. Personally I think it is a no-brainer, don’t risk your ratings by trying to squeeze too much out of the users.

Maybe the time spent on developing the app is an important factor in the decision
As I’m quite new to app developing: how much time do you spend on developing an app on average?