What I'd like to see in the next few games

Of course I want a win, but I at least want to see some semblance of an improving scoring offense.

Over the last three seasons VU has ranked 125, 125, and currently 130 in scoring offense (130 is last in FBS). That’s a long drought, and after watching Saturday’s games we might as well be wearing leather helmets. That’s how far behind we seem in today’s video game offenses. We’re averaging 13 points a game. The nation’s leader in scoring offense, Pitt, is averaging 52 points per game. I know we played a game against Georgia, but it doesn’t seem like we’re even close to having an offense that averages 26 points per game let alone 52.

Some of this is attributable to our red zone offensive woes. During that same stretch of 2.5 seasons, our red zone scoring offense has an average ranking of 118. Even going back to 2018, when we had a decent scoring offense (ranked 69), we struggled to score in the red zone (ranked 120). That season, if we couldn’t score on big plays, we generally weren’t scoring. Now we have neither a big play offense nor the ability to score in close.

Our next three opponents–South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Missouri–currently rank 40, 70, and 123 in scoring defense, respectively. Obviously, it’s that third game I’m eyeing in particular. I just want to see improvement by the end of the season that offers a ray of hope that we might break out of this extended funk in future seasons.

We’d have to play mistake-free football to be competitive in most of our games

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