What happens if you don't reach the minimum daily spend in an AppBrain campaign?

I’m just looking at doing a very small AppBrain campaign, and noticed that there is a minimum daily spend of $25.

If I put my bid at $0.20 and didn’t get enough downloads to reach the $25 minimum, what would happen?

Cheers for your help - my first post on here, looks like a great forum!


welcome here ,

They use all the money you give them , ive used it and never have any money left :smiley:

Thanks for the reply - so that means that if you set your bid at $0.20 you’re guarantee’d 125 downloads for that day, or do they automatically increase your bids, or do they just take whatever’s left?

I haven’t used Appbrain but my logic tells me if you set a bid they can not increase it unilaterally, otherwise setting a bid would be pointless. So i don’t really know what the minimum daily spent does or implies. Maybe they spent the rest of the money on a very cheap-bid country? (@ $0.2)

Your campaign will pause and will resume the next day. They will not increase your bid to make sure you spend the daily budget.

Great guys, thanks for your help

I am assuming you will target UK. I managed to spend $25 in a few hours advertising an app in UK with appbrain :wink:

They’ll guarantee you the downloads , but keep in mind , its effective only if you have a huge budget, be cautious on spending on any advertising networks…