What happened in November?


All of my apps had a simultaneous uptick in downloads that started at the beginning of November and continued through the end of the year. What happened then? Was there a market change or something?


It is the holiday / year end effect.

As the year end approaches, more people buy new devices. Plus android hitting the 10billion download got more people attracted to the OS.

You should see an even further uptick on 25th december… should be slowing down over the coming days I guess , but I hope the download volume remains :smiley:


I hadn’t realised this before, but looking at the charts now the same thing did happen to me. Beginning in November nearly all my apps started getting about double the daily downloads they had previously. Things have tapered off a bit now, but there was definitely a sharp jump at the start of November. It seems too sudden to be a symptom of the holiday season, but I can’t see any other explanation.

I’d be interested to see the stats for 25th of December - apparently Android and iOS activations were up 353% compared to the rest of December.

Here, David:



There were a couple of screw ups with the developer console around that time that affected install counts. But I didn’t notice any significant jump installs for November-December, just following its normal trend.
Click Through Rate and eCPM on the other hand went up quite a bit in that period. That I can’t explain. Maybe just more people spending money on advertising leading up to Christmas etc.

Interesting, my Fake iPhone app has seen an increasing uptick in new users since about mid-December - and continuing into the New Year so far. As posted on Google+, I actually got over 30,000 new users yesterday. On track for the same today. That doesn’t seem to fit with the theory of just Christmas driving the activation numbers.

Note: I’ve done absolutely no promotion during this time. My other apps are reflecting a similar trend as well.

This is what I was talking about. Two apps, completely unattended to, which both started to have spikes starting on November first. Might be activations, I guess, but November 1st seems too early for these to have started and the slope didn’t change closer to Christmas.


Tap Crazy

FYI, late spike in tap crazy started due to a small ad campaign which might actually be bordering on profitable.


I now believe that the Android Market was updated on October 31st and that for some reason this update began to make my games be seen again.

The YouTube video statistics for my game report a first embedding on Android.com on October 31st, coincident with the up tick in installs.

But, since the video had been previously embedded on the market, the fact that YouTube reported a new embedding makes me think that the Market was updated at that time.

Whatever update happened suddenly made my apps become more visible although I don’t see any changes. I still cant find my app except by searching for it.

Odd really.

Is it possible that my app suddenly started getting seen without me doing anything? If so, where on the market could that have happened?



Sorry for spamming my own thread, but I am really interested in what happened. The coincidence of the new embedding on YouTube, a spike in YouTube views, and a spike in installs all at the same time points to a change in the market rather than just a seasonal trend. But, again, I don’t know what that change was or why it would get me more installs since I still can’t find my apps except by searching.

The reason this is so interesting to me is this:


My profit went from under 5 bucks a week to over 30 bucks a week when this happened. Obviously, I would like to know what happened to potentially capitalize on it.

Any ideas? Maybe the Market changed to start randomly featuring obscure apps or something?