What expect for the future?

Hi guys,
I’ve been working with Android development and this is becoming main revenue source now. But what expect for the next few years? I am optimistic for 2013 and 2014. I think the number of Android devices around the world will reach 1 billion, but will grow much more slowly after that. Number of apps will pass 1 million and downloads per app will decrease. Recently I read an article which showed that the cost per installation on iphone were getting too high (close to $1). Making money with ads in Android will become as hard as making money with web sites? Will eCPM decrease? What do you think?

Hey vitoraim,

Stats will and do show that Mobile as a whole is on a rise and will be rising significantly over the upcoming years as it has been for the last few years. When I say Mobile, I mean all platforms (Android, iOS, Mobile-Web etc).

Android has a a huge market share and is less strict than Apple is. But whatever the matter. I don’t think you need to concern yourself with Android’s performance. As we move forward, we adapt to the market’s situation and requirements. Thats our (Ad Networks) job. We make sure we keep coming up with innovative ways to monetize the app inventory and then we have developers utilize such goods to make sure that all of us get the best possible results.

Think of it this way. You will make less with Banner Ads (older ad unit) as compared to Interstitial (Newer ad unit).

As long as we continue to soldier on with innovative ideas and the developers continue to utilize those, the revenue will keep on increasing.

Hope this helps.

I actually lost my previous job because of web advertisement crisis in my country (a company that was hiring me made several times less money from the same number of ad impression at the end - the change came in less than 2 years). I think the best solution is (as with any business) to diversify the revenue stream - look at IAP, other types of ads, selling apps. And make your apps popular (and if they don’t get popular - move on, make different ones), raise quality, target as much devices as posibble (Android, iOS etc.) and build a portfolio of apps that will prevail even though the way you monetarise them may be completely different. It’s a constant work.
Advertise networks will prevail no matter what, but developers might get in trouble if they use ads as an only monetarisation scheme.