what does RPM depend on?

Sorry for asking noob questions but I’m still new to mobile advertising :slight_smile: As far as I understood from my admob account, Impressions = count of the ads shown. RPM must be the amount of earnings per 1.000 clicks? That value changes often, becoming smaller or greater. So how do they calculate your RPM?

RPM is calculated from a bunch of things. The things I am aware of are:

  • Ad type (banner, interstitial for example).
  • Geo (one of the biggest factors).
  • Current campaigns (some campaigns are pushed by advertisers more than others etc).
  • CTR (Click Through Rate). Better CTR = better RPM. Things like refresh time and ad placements will get better CTR, among other things.
  • I often get slightly better RPM on the weekends. I bet there’s a bunch of the above factors at play on the weekend, but I also believe people are more likely to interact with ads on the weekend. Who knows.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! So CTR = ad shown/ad clicked rate?

I have a lead generation form on launch of an app and most forms are filled on weekend. So I go with what Alkaline1 just said about weekend stuff

Regarding how it’s calculated - I am assuming RPM depends on:

RPM = revenue-you-earned / number-of-impressions

Regarding “what affects RPM” - then Alkaline’s post probably answers that.

Yeah I think I misinterpreted the question. RPM seems to have replaced eCPM on the new Admob, so I assumed that’s why he was asking.

CTR is usually measured in percentage with the following formula: ads clicked / ads shown * 100