What does Google penalize?

Recently I used two free review exchange services for my current app.
Although some users could be cheating and deleting their own reviews, most of the users gave me honest reviews that were anyway deleted by Google soon after.

After about a month, my app is completely stalling, much more than other previous apps, and I start thinking that the use of such systems was deleterious. Now I have to decide how to push my very new app.

First, I would like to know if this is true: besides having deleted the reviews, does really Google push up and down apps in the store using some kind of reliability index for developers or apps?

Then, I would like to understand if not only review exchanges affect app’s destiny, but also ad services like CPIMOBI, based on installs.

Thank you for your information

Few days ago I used a free review exchange service too and after reading your post I noticed 3 out of 4 reviews were removed for me too.
I hope this will not affect ranking…

I searched to see if i can get any results and i found that there could be 2 reasons for this problem:

  1. Using manipulative methods which, can increase your ranking so that Google finds out and stop them
  2. Providing poor experience for visitors to your website

Hope this help!

Most users who use exchange review services, won’t download and use app. So google will check and remove it. And I think it will affect ranking because your app will be flagged to check frequently.

It has actually penalized my app,don’t use reviews !! I am serious, not any more. It brought down my app by a lot

It affects quite a lot …don’t try review exchange sites and also paid incentive installs…paid installs doesn’t work…try cpi,cpc campaigns from trusted networks…

Well it’s incentivated installs are actually the only method I see to get downloads during the launch phase for apps that don’t have a large budget, I think. What budget should be used to push an app into the top rankings without incentivated installs? Do you have any idea?

No dude, there are other ways to do it , pick up my youtube mailing list(yeah its free, not selling anything here)
Then pick up thunderbird mailing software from mozilla(its free too) and add an add on “Mail Merge”(its free ,use it to send email all at once from an excel sheet)
Send all the youtubers an email, use good email format and send them all an email .
Some people will ask for money, some won’t
Many wont reply, to people who ask for money, negotiate , I have brought down people from 750 for one to 150$ for 3

Do the same for the websites.
Here is a quick negotiation trick let them speak the first price, then dont fix the price yurself, say you are unable to pay it and x amount is a lot of money, please bring it down, they will, let this new amount be “y” then again say that you can’t afford it and ask them to bring it down, make sure that the offer you make “z”, is more than 1/10th of the first amount they asked for “x” unless you are asking for 2-3 reviews.

And when you are selling something, never negotiate, you say,“take it or leave it”