What does GetJar Gold pay?

I just downloaded an app called ultimate rotate which is free to try for 7 days. They recently updated there app to include getjar support. I was able to get the application for free by collecting 240 gold coins. Each app offer was worth 40 gold coins. In no time at all I had the application unlocked for free. This kinda blew my mind.

So I guess the questions is, how much did this developer just make? He sells the full version for $2.99 so presumably he at least made that much. This seems like the perfect implementation for my app. However, if I’m making less than a dollar then I probably wouldn’t go for it. My app is priced similarly to his.

Does anyone know how much GetJar is paying out per app install?

I don’t know how much they’re using either, but like you, I would really like to know!

I have some experience with GetJar Rewards.

Firstly their SDK is difficult to incorporate - there is no easy front end like AppBrain etc.

It is nitty gritty callback upon callback - first for user authentication then for licensing etc. etc.

Some of that complexity is because they have put out demo app/code that portrays a maximal use of the SDK - so it is overly complicated.

I had complained about some of the issues with GetJar in this thread:

Thread: 10,000 full screen interstitials per day, what shouldI be earning?

Joe at GetJar had posted in that thread that they were making it faster (I can confirm it is slightly faster than before). And to improve on the demo code.

Bottom line - from my experience is - that I have spend a huge time on GetJar which I often wonder if would have been better spent on something like Tapjoy.

The thing that I found attractive about GetJar was that they were a clean model. However that is not matched by the execution.

In addition, the GetJar SDK is slow, complicated and needlessly (as I said even the UI is maximally designed - too big graphics etc. which needlessly slows things down - or perhaps they need to upgrade server end).

To make matters worse - it looks much worse than Tapjoy - every time I have asked testers if they prefer the GetJar way of paying vs. the Tapjoy - they almost universally say they like the Tapjoy (it is perhaps the colors that Tapjoy employs).

So GetJar really needs to get it’s act in order - they are throwing money on other things it seems but not on the basics - perhaps they are improving the server side, but they need to bring in some new ideas on the UI and developer code side.

So in summary:

  • GetJar pays you $0.9 for every 100 coins that a user “pays” you (GetJar keeps the $0.10)
  • the SDK is a PAIN to implement
  • the UI is universally seen as inferior to Tapjoy

I don’t know how complicated Tapjoy integration is - but I have been seriously thinking about dumping GetJar (even now I was at a deadend as I was trying to revamp the GetJar UI I am presenting to the user - but I BALK at approaching or modifying that code !). I spent literally 3 weeks trying to clean up their demo code to some form that I could understand - I was hoping to make it simpler - but even now I balk at modifying the code (the reason is that in those 2-3 weeks I got burned numerous times as I modified the code and it wouldn’t work - eventually it did work and I now understand the mechanics better - but STILL I psychologically am wary of changing things too much). The model is asynchronous with callbacks for user authentication (which can timeout - so you have to ensure that you do it again next time you want to license etc. and so on). They have tacked on recommended pricing etc. stuff as another callback (which needlessly complicates the demo code for a new user). I think after following complaints they have removed the recommended prices callback stuff. In earlier versions they also had a please wait dialog which prevented doing user authentication in advance - but now that is possible - but again as I said the user authentication can time out also (!) so when you go to check licensing (if product been bought before) it may still take time to user authenticate etc.

The only thing which prevents me from dumping GetJar is that I’ve invested so much time in it - and my initial liking for their clean model (plus the company is generally above board i.e. is not tacky like Tapjoy).

But I fear they are not putting the time into these developer-centric issues. They probably need to get some new blood in there to shake up this side of the business.

Either that, or they are planning for the next few years - and so are not bothered by using big graphics etc. (thinking the internet will get fast for everyone around the world) or something …

In practice

I have been using GetJar - and the revenue was initially 1/10 of the banner ads (!).

Now it is approaching the banner ad revenue.

However, I feel this is primarily a weakness at my end - i.e. it seems in-app billing cannot just be bolted on - i.e. people expected to just get the free version of the app.

The app has to be designed with that in mind - i.e. some essential features should be kept for future unlocking, OR (and perhaps better for the developer) a more pay-as-you-go model where the user gets some initial “coins” which get used up and then they wind up having to buy more (in order not to frustrate users, can offer a daily reward of coins just for coming back to the app). This model can be seen in the CoinDozer app.

For this reason, I am sticking a bit longer with GetJar (but also thinking about Tapjoy) - and hoping to use such a model in next app.

And in THAT context it MAY work.

Even then, I have a feeling that Tapjoy may still outperform GetJar purely from the user reaction i.e. they don’t mind waiting for the Tapjoy and it’s “offers” - which can be many compared to the options GetJar gives initially (though if the user has the GetJar Rewards app they can get credits for just about any app they download - i.e. GetJar it seems is willing to pay out of pocket to jumpstart their model). But in order for this to work they should put more options on the screen the user sees (in a way the earlier GetJar model was better as it had a better selection of apps).

The reduced set of apps on main screen may be a sign of the limited number of advertisers that GetJar has - and this may wind up hurting their viability.

By the way, thanks for pointing out the “Ultimate Rotation Control” example - it maybe a better model to use for GetJar/Tapjoy.

Is a 7-day license acceptable to Google ? Or is it acceptable because an option is available to the user to upgrade (either via Google Play or GetJar).

As I said, in-app billing needs to be thought out in advance - and you cannot bolt it on after you have released all the features.

Also I think I read in some developer blog about their experience - and they were saying that just having in-app billing to remove ads etc. WILL NOT CUT IT.

And I am seeing much the same thing.

It seems you essentially have to PREVENT the user from proceeding (not allowed by Google Play terms) or slow the progress of the user so they feel mentally aligned with thinking about doing the effort like GetJar/Tapjoy.

As I said in an earlier post - while payment with cash is much smoother (and the possibility exists to charge users $9.99 or $100 - which some users may actually PREFER i.e. the “whales”) - with GetJar/Tapjoy etc. there is REAL EFFORT required at the user end to download an app to get the GetJar coins/Tapjoy credits etc.

For this reason, the design of the app should have a pre-existing reward model that makes the user VALUE the feature.

Since preventing user from proceeding is against Google terms, it seems in response to that (?) most of the in-app billing apps have resorted to a model where they never prevent the user - they do this by first rewarding the user for returning to the app (added benefit of helping retention).

It also gives the user a feeling that something is waiting for them in the app (you get this sense with CoinDozer for example - it informs the user that you will get 42 coins by 11pm).

Once that is established - the user has a sense for how much that coin is worth.

NOW if you offer them a SHORTCUT (either with cash or GetJar/Tapjoy) - they will balance (or CAN) balance it vs. what they know about the value of those coins (i.e. having to wait 3 hours for a refresh).

In that context they may feel more comfortable going out and downloading an app.

In addition, compared to one-time payment for removing ads type of stuff - where you may want them to pay 100 coins (which will net you $0.90), it maybe FAR better to have a pay-as-you-go model. For one thing that stretches out the effort required with a GetJar/Tapjoy solution so that it becomes BEARABLE by the user.

Earning 100 coins all at once is like 8 to 10 app downloads via GetJar !! That is a LOT of effort (though technically most savvy users would put all downloads in a queue and come back after 5 minutes).

However, even compared to this - a price-quantum of 10 coins maybe FAR better - i.e. is just one app download and is doable in one go (or psychologically may not seem like much work).

At least this is my thinking so far - having seen how pathetic the “unlock features” (simplistic way of thinking about it) can lead … so in next app, I will try to adopt a more pay-as-you-go model.

One question:

For the rewarding with coins on return etc. it seems one can do that oneself (as an aide to the GetJar/Tapjoy stuff). However, I have noticed some ad networks ALSO offer something similar - for example PocketChange does that (but is seems to be a combination of offers and coin rewards on return - and may be a bit confusing if used in combination with GetJar/Tapjoy).

But PlayHaven seems to have some setup for “rewards” and such - and it seems these are features which make it easier for the developer to show screens for rewards etc.

So not totally clear on that - if anyone has any insight on what the PlayHaven features offer or if could be beneficial to achieve the CoinDozer pay-as-you-go model, that would be helpful.

David and other Tapjoy users:

Is Tapjoy a pleasure to implement or does it also have complicated code ?

Yes, it is very easy to implement. They have a demo app, so basically what you need is just to copy and paste their code in your app. I reward users with Coins in my app, so in case with TapJoy you can define what is conversion rate( for me it is 100=1$). Their documentation was easy to understand. However, if you will have any problems their support also works fast, so no problem here.
What they have:
Real time statistic- you can see how many sessions, clicks, revenue, in real time. I didnt feel any delays on it, even a sec.
Payment is only after 250$, they keep a month (wire+paypal)

I didnt receive any payment, as I didnt reach a minimum, so far it looks good.

Thanks. Did you get a good conversion ratio with use of Tapjoy ? That is, the users are willing to go that route ?

Are you using Tapjoy for removing ads etc. or is it some essential feature - which is giving superior conversion.

The app asks for 155 GetJar gold coins up front - so it is not spreading it out etc. - it is one time (the other alternative is Google Play payment - which is about $2.49).

Doing it the way they are doing is simpler from a developer perspective as well. However the only problem with that is the huge chunk of gold coins that the user is expected to deliver in one go i.e. 155 GetJar gold coins - which will only be earnable with 10-15 app downloads !! - which is a LOT.

155 GetJar gold coin payment will net the developer:
155 x $0.009 per coin = $1.395

I would be interested in knowing what you felt as a user - did you see the GetJar option as an opportunity ? 155 gold coins is about 10-15 app downloads - did you find that too much of a burden ?


Well, lets to say that for users some time, it is easier to download some other free game and unlock exclusive features of current app, rather then pay real money. Do they like it? I have no idea, I did not do any research on this and also didn’t read any articles about users satisfaction. But, if to take on count trends, you can easily see how many devs use in-app currency for rewarding users and unlocking app features, so seems it is ok ;).
I use in-app currency for unlocking some features, my app is still kinda in BETA, so dont have much information on this. With around 1k active users, none of them didnt send an email that they dont like to unlock it with TapJoy. Also, if you will integrate like this features, you should put some real numbers, so it will be easier to unlock it. As you mentioned above, do not make them to install 10k app to unlock some basic stuff in your app. Also, for every country the RewardOfferWall is different, for some country it is easy to make 1$ by installing 2-3 apps, while for some other country it would be about 15-20 apps, so think about this also.
The best option would be to combine Google in-app-pur and Tapjoy/GetJar(about getjar i dont know).

I hope I helped.

Ok. Thanks.

Hey everyone, this is Chris from Getjar. First time posting here. This is an interesting forum with a lot of activity. I’m hoping to help provide a global view into Android monetization, at least from the Getjar perspective.

There are now two implementations of Getjar Gold.

Freemium Apps
If you have in-app billing with Google Checkout, this one is for you. Getjar has a simple integration now that you can place at every point you currently send a user to Google IAB. It is a dialog box that asks a user to pay with Google or Getjar. The sample app in the Getjar SDK contains everything you need for this and it should take you an hour to get it right.

Users earn about $0.30 per sponsored app on average worldwide. So if you charge $0.60 (which is 70 Getjar Gold) for your $1 purchases on Google, users will install 2 apps on average. There are some in the forum who have said you’ll need 8 - 10 apps per $1 and that can be true when a user in a poor monetizing country has already tried the sponsored apps but that is not representative of the whole world on average.

Our typical freemium app will see their revenue double with Getjar Gold.

Paid Apps
Getjar just added a paid apps program. We wrap your paid app with a paywall that uses Getjar Gold. The user downloads the app from the free charts, but must install a couple of apps to unlock it. This started about a week ago but is already showing promise. If you have a paid app, you should sign-up. It takes no time, just send your paid app apk. You can see a live one at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apalon.weatherlive.gold.

Hope this helps. I’ll check in on the forum from time to time so if you have questions, please ask. Our goal at Getjar is to help you monetize, so if we can do a better job we want to know.

Hello Chris.

Can you add my aps in my account ([email protected])?
I published application and sent money for campaign, after i created a campaign, but i can’t launch because you don’t accept my application. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks.

I know for a fact that I didn’t install anywhere near that many apps. I believe I installed 4 apps and I didn’t get bothered by it. I’m still on the fence about which to implement. I would use it only to unlock all the features (which is a lot IMO).